Comic-Con 2011 Pre-Paid Parking is OPEN!

The Official Comic-Con Parking Website is now open! You can purchase your permits by selecting an Official Comic-Con parking location by clicking on one of the parking zones on their interactive map. You then click on the “purchase” link inside the pop-up bubble to continue to the next step. You can only select ONE DAY AT A TIME (slightly irritating huh?). Complete the rest of the form with your personal, vehicle & payment info and agree to their terms of service. Confirm that everything is correct and you’re done.

Parking at either the convention center of the Hilton Garage are the cheapest at $10 (plus fees) per day. I’ve also made a map that makes things a little easier to see all at once.

Good luck!


One thought on “Comic-Con 2011 Pre-Paid Parking is OPEN!

  1. I just bought my tickets for this year for parking under the convention center. I did this last year and it made everything so much easier. Gave me a place to unload all my stuff and take a moment to breath away from the crowds. And at $10 a day its a great deal.

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