Hasbro’s Indiana Jones Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive

What all Indiana Jones collectors have been waiting for…

Hasbro brings us a special Indiana Jones Exclusive at Comic-Con 2011. It will be a special 30th anniversary box set which will include the cancelled fifth wave of Raiders of the Lost Ark figures. The set will include Indiana Jones (ultimate version w/ a brand new head sculpt), Marion Ravenwood, Satipo, German Mechanic, Indy in German Disguise, and Toht (with extra melted head and a interchangeable hand with a gun).

I included a comparison photo of what the 30th anniversary box set includes AND a promo photo of the set from 2009 which never came to be.


4 thoughts on “Hasbro’s Indiana Jones Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive

  1. I had a friend buy mine for me as comic con is to expensive now and over crowded the price tag on this set is $59.99 he said Sunday they had a ton left because they were so overpriced you will see them on Evilbay priced at $125.00 and up to $300 as the scumbags who sell convention exclusives will jack up the prices as always! sorry man I bought only one set I was also able to pick up the TOD set cheap from Hasbro in Canada as they actually sold the lost wave there I bought 2 sets for less than $45 each

  2. I also bought mine to open and I have opened all figures I also did some head swapping and made a bonus TOD figure as the Indy head is the same one they used on the TOD Indy and I used the new Indy head from the German disguise Indy as the main Indy head so with a KOTCS Indy you can do some changing and end up with a new figure very cool Hasbro Thanks

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