Fox Cancels Five Shows! Adds New Shows…

Fox cancels five shows — Human TargetLie to MeThe Chicago Code, Breaking In and Traffic Light. To me, Human Target is the one I can’t believe is being cut. It was a very good action-packed show which to me was getting better. Breaking In was a new show that just getting good as well. For 30 minutes, it to me was tough to pack in a lot of storyline into an interesting show. Again, Christian Slater stars in a show where the plug is pulled almost immediately…

Well, let’s see what these new shows from Fox will bring us. Two new comedy series are I Hate My Teenage Daughter and The New Girl. Two dramas are added as well, Finder and Alcatraz.

In Teenage Daughter, two women (Jaime Pressly and Katie Finneran) fret that their daughters are turning into the type of girls who picked on them in high school. Sherry Bilsing-Graham and Ellen Kreamer will executive-produce. Eric Sheffer Stevens, Kristi Lauren, Aisha Coleman, Kevin Rahm and Chad Coleman will also star.

The New Girl  stars Zooey Deschanel as a brokenhearted elementary school teacher who moves away from her ex-boyfriend and moves in with three unruly guys. (Three men and a lady? LOL!) This could make a lot of guys happy in this situation. Deschanel tweeted “I am thrilled that our show got picked up & so excited to work with this great group of people!also know I’m getting humblebragged. whatevs.”

Finder (Bones spin-off ) follows a former military policeman, Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults), with the ability to find anything. Michael Clarke Duncan will be his legal adviser/bodyguard, Leo. Saffron Burrows plays Ike, who seems to wear multiple hats — a bartender, a pilot and a systems analyst. The characters all appeared in a Bones episode named “Finder” this season.

Alcatraz is a crime drama that focuses on a cop (Sarah Jones) and a team of FBI agents who track down a group of missing Alcatraz prisoners and guards who reappear in the present day after disappearing 30 years earlier. J.J. Abrams (Bad Robot) will executive-produce the show.  Jason Butler,  Santiago Cabrera, Jonny Coyne, Robert Forster, Jorge Garcia, Parminder Nagra and Sam Neill co-starred in the pilot written by Liz Sarnoff (Lost).

Locke & Key mini-series is not happening and is now heading nowhere and comedy Outnumbered is dead as well. Still waiting to hear about the multi-family comedy Little In Common starring Rob Corddry and Kevin Hart.

Which show will you miss? Human Target, Lie to Me, Chicago Code, Breaking In and Traffic Light? Will you watch any of the new shows? Any other comments?


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