TR!CKSTER — Creator-owned gallery, retail and event space

TR!CKSTER is the brain-child of two Pixar artists, Scott Morse and Ted Mathot. It is a creator-owned event that will run during the week of Comic-Con (Tuesday through Sunday). It is a free venue, open to the public. They offer a retail space showcasing creator-owned work, a gallery and an event space. TR!CKSTER is being hosted by the San Diego Wine and Culinary Center at 200 Harbor Dr., Ste. 120 which is directly across the street from the San Diego Convention Center.

The Symposia are ticketed events and pricing will be offered per seat per symposia or and All-Access pass may be purchased. Tickets will be on sale on Wednesday, June 1st (seating is limited to 140). Topics will include Visual Storytelling in Comics and Film, The Art Workshop, Character Design and Development, Invisible Ink: The Understructure of Story, Building a Short Story: Crime and Terror, The Jump from Page to Screen, Dissecting Genre: Horror, and Building a Creator-Owned Creative Team. There are also free events daily. Coffee service will be from 9:30am to 12:00pm and a full-service cocktail bar from 12:00pm to 1:00am.

They will also offer a different, limited edition print by one of the TR!CKSTER artists, with purchase of The High Five — a top-shelf bourbon, whiskey, rum or tequila (TR!CKSTER glass included)! The High Five will be available from 8:00pm to 1:00am, or until supplies are exhausted. Animation, live-action short film screenings, workshops, gallery receptions, artist signings, drawing events, DJs and live music will be available.

The first exclusive TR!CKSTER item will be a limited edition hardcover 9″x12″ book by a LOT of today’s top creators. They will be available for $20 at the TR!CKSTER store. The book is strictly limited to 1000 copies. TR!CKSTER will definitely be a welcome addition to all of the off-site events during Comic-Con this year. It definitely sounds like a nice, relaxing place to mingle with artists and have a good time while learning at the same time! Who’s ready for Comic-Con now?


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