Early Release of SDCC Exclusive Sketchbook by Grant Gould

Grant Gould (@GrantGoBoom) just released his San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Sketch Book called Geek Girls Strike Back! The cover is of Velma in Fett attire. From now until June 20th, you can order his sketchbook online and pay via PayPal and either have it shipped to you for $5 ($10 international) or pick it up at SDCC. After June 20th, you will have to purchase it at Comic-Con where it will probably sell out very quickly.

For those that want to read the text instead of reading from the picture…

I’ve done something this year that I’ve never done before — I created a new sketchbook just for the San Diego Comic-Con! 40 pages of new art (most of it never-before-seen by anyone but me), squarebound and magazine sized, and it includes a 1st-ever SNEAK PEEK at my upcoming fantasy project Blade Raiders!

Oh, and if that girl on the cover looks familiar, it’s because I based her on a Velma sketch that I drew in Chicago earlier this year. Velma in Fett attire, if you will. 😉

Now, I know a lot of you can’t make it to San Diego, so for a VERY LIMITED TIME you, too, will be able to get one of these new sketchbooks. There will be only TWO ways to get this book. Please read the following info carefully:

(1) From now until Monday, June 20th, you can order the book via Paypal.
Send $40 via Paypal (+$5 shipping U.S., +$10 shipping international) to grantgoboom@gmail.com and write “SDCC sketchbook” in the subject line. The $40 includes an inked headshot sketch on the 1st page (if you have a preference, be sure to say which character you want, otherwise I’ll just surprise ya). All Paypal-ordered books will be mailed the week before SDCC, so you’ll get it in the mail around the same time that the show’s going on (July 21-24).

(2) After June 20th, San Diego Comic-Con is the ONLY place this book will be available.
Copies will be for sale at my table in Artist Alley. Make sure you get there ASAP, because the books will sell out, and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. If you’d like to order one now via Paypal (see above) and have it reserved for pick-up at SDCC, that’s fine — just pay the amount minus shipping, and let me know that it’s for pick-up.

Thanks, everyone!
San Diego’s coming up fast… 🙂


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