SDCC 2011 Exclusive TITANIUM the Robot from Tony Montalvo

Tony “Titanium” Montalvo, Sculptor of Keith Poon’s Myth Warriors and the Snackz zipper pull line introduces his new creation TITANIUM the Robot!!! He’s the muscle and the heart behind the whole Titanium toyz line. Tony designs the Toyz and TITANIUM builds them. The only problem with this is TITANIUM is clumsier than a rabid hedgehog. He’s the robot with the heart of titanium, which is an unbreakable metal, and he is homage to every influential robot that Tony has grown up seeing. Tony built TITANIUM the way Frankenstein was built, taking parts from other robots and piecing them together.

He stands 12 inches high, is all hand casted and painted by Tony “Titanium” Montalvo, the eyes and chest plate are glow in the dark, and he will make his debut at the SDCC 2011!!! The two color waves shown in the pics are the first to debut and will be very limited.

I don’t know about you, but they seem to pay an homage to Iron Man… LOL! I’m definitely going to have to track these down at Comic-Con!

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