Monogram Reveals Their Gold Kingdom Hearts Mickey and Sora Exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con 2011!

Monogram International proudly presents our NEW Exclusive Gold Kingdom Hearts Resin Figures!

For our 3rd 2011 San Diego Comic Con exclusive, we present our Exclusive Gold Kingdom Hearts Resin Figures! Choose Mickey or Sora (or collect both!)! These beautiful, gold plated collectable paperweights are limited to 50 pieces each and priced at $20.00USD each!

Sora is the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, as well as a Keyblade wielder. He is an upbeat teenager who may seem simple-minded at times, but is very aware of the importance of his quest. He possesses a strong sense of justice and an unrelenting heart.

King Mickey, often referred to as The King, His Highness or Your Highness or more commonly as “Your Majesty” is the king of Disney Castle, a recurring character, and, along with Donald and Goofy, the main Disney protagonist in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Product Features:

  • Featuring Mickey or Sora holding the Kingdom Hearts Sword Key.
  • 3-Dimensional paperweight.
  • Attention to detail is impeccable.
  • Made of poly resin and gold plated.
  • Perfect for Disney fans & Kingdom Hearts fans alike!
  • Can be used as a paperweight or as room décor!
  • Highly collectable! Quantities are extremely limited! Only 50 pieces of each character! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!
  • Perfect for room, office or car décor!

We will be releasing our Comic-Con exclusives in the days counting down to SDCC 2011! Please come visit us at our booth this year! These exclusives are only available at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, so come on out!

If you can’t make it to Comic-Con this year, please call Gail Halliday at (909)718-8361 to place your orders with us today!

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