Comic-Con International Does NOT Give Any Third-Party Permission to Change Names or Resell Badges!

Comic-Con International has put up a notice on their Facebook page regarding selling/buying badges by eBay, Craigslist, etc. Good luck with your purchases, as they will probably be VOIDED and worthless at Comic-Con 2011.

Comic Con International

Beware: It has come to our attention that unaffiliated third parties on sites such as eBay and Craigslist have been posting that they have permission from Comic-Con to change names on badges and/or resell badges.

Comic-Con does not issue permission to ANY third parties to change or resell badges. If you believe you are being scammed or purposefully misled, please contact your local authorities.

If you purchased some passes in this way… Good luck. I’ve seen what happened to quite a few people at Comic-Con last year. They were turned away because their passes were voided. Yes, passes have sold out in record time this year but all is not lost. Whatever is returned/refunded this year will be made available probably near the end of June. This will be another scramble to get a “golden ticket.” So remember, if you DID NOT purchase a pass directly from Comic-Con, then you probably don’t have a valid pass. Keep and eye on Comic-Con’s website and their Twitter account for more information. Good Luck!


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