Nerd Headquarters Takes Over the Gaslamp District!

The Nerd Machine is taking over the Gaslamp District and transforming Jolt’N Joe’s restaurant into the center of the Nerdiverse.

In partnership with, Xbox, and Gunnar Optiks, the Nerd HQ is the destination for a unique and more intimate, personal experience.
The Nerd HQ is rallying the nerd army so they can share in all the gaming, technology, and entertainment we all love. And oh yea, there is no admission cost, everybody is welcome to enjoy. The Nerd HQ is an all ages event where you all nerds are welcome. However, at 8pm, local laws require us to raise the age limit to 21 and over.

Break Media, the online video sponsor, will be covering the event and posting reports from Nerd HQ and the SDCC. We are also creating 3 original videos in promotion of the event that will begin airing around July 4. Xbox, the official console of the HQ, will be providing interactive gaming areas for all HQ visitors to enjoy. Gears of War 3, Rayman and Gunstringer will all play prominently at the HQ. We will set the record for the most dancers in one game of the Kinect’s new “Dance Central 2”.  Gunnar Optiks, the official eyewear of the HQ, will be providing demo glasses for gamers and techies alike.

The Second Annual NERD Party will be bigger and better than ever at the HQ. Great sounds from DJ NERD, Kinect dancing, drink specials, and more.

The Nerd HQ will be launching our first series of “Conversations for a Cause” featuring your favorite stars from the world of entertainment and technology. These discussions of less than 250 will provide a much more personal connection with the speakers. “Conversations” with will include stars from “Firefly”, “Battlestar Gallatica”, “Stoopid Monkey”, and friends of Zac Levi. The “Conversations” will be followed by an autograph signing in the exhibition room. Check back soon for the schedule.

One hundred percent of your $20 dollar (or more) donation goes to providing life-changing surgeries for children through Operation Smile.

The Inaugural “Nerd Machine Shorties” will be available throughout the event and the Top Videos will be placed on so they can be rated. A viewing and awards ceremony will take place at Sunday’s Nerd Brunch. Toshiba tablets will be available to rate the videos on Prizes include Xbox packages, GUNNAR Optiks, and more.

Follow @thenerdmachine on twitter for surprise HQ appearances

Some of this year’s sponsors…

Nerd Machine Shorties

In an attempt to kick off the inaugural Nerd HQ with a “BANG” and offer you the most awesome interaction possible, we’re launching our first ever film festival, the “Nerd Machine Shorties”. The “1-Minute” video submissions will be judged by  and a winner will be chosen from the final 10 contenders. Prizes will be awarded the night of the festival, July 21st. Fun right?!

Read carefully, because here come the rules.

  1. Submissions may be shot on any medium you wish, but must be in a format playable on the web for judging and for playability in the Nerd HQ venue should they make the final cut and be shown the day of the festival.
  2. Submissions must be no longer than one minute in length. That’s right, you heard me, ONE MINUTE, or 60 seconds if you prefer. This includes all titles and credits. We believe your incredibly talented and creative minds are up to the challenge. Do you?
  3. Judging will be based on creativity, ingenuity, personality, and many other words that end in “ity”. Basically, the more fun you have with it, the more fun we’ll have watching it.
  4. Let’s keep it clean nerds.  No excessive profanity and no nudity, we run an all ages machine here.
  5. Submissions must be uploaded NO LATER THAN July 3, 2011 in order to be eligible!!!  We understand that time is limited, they are called “Shorties” for a reason, so get’er done people. B’okay!

Other than that, the world is your oyster. Digital effects, Anime, a Zombie apocalypse? Be our guest. We’re living in a digital age my friends, anything is possible.

***The Filmmakers Presence is not required to be judged or receive prizes.
***Videos must be sent in MPEG or Quicktime format for initial submission.
***Email films to
***By submitting videos you are authorizing Nerd Machine LLC and Break Media the permission to air your content on their respective family of websites.
via The Nerd Machine

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