Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Sentinel Unveiled for Comic-Con!

Okay, I have been holding off posting pictures of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Masterworks Sentinel for months now… I had good reason to hold off I guess. I had photos of the regular version of the Sentinel that will hit stores later this year while Hasbro has just released the San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive photos. I’ll show you both so you can see the differences.This towering figure comes in at a nice 18″ tall. You can pick one up at the Hasbro Toy Shop Booth (#3329) at Comic-Con next week.

The box features art by Joe Quesada and the Sentinel has eyes that light up and has sound effects. I am going to assume it will cost approximately $55 as they have not revealed the pricing of them yet. It was insane to try to get the Comic-Con Exclusive Galactus last year. I got there a couple of minutes too late and decided NOT to go on the secondary market to get one. Good luck in obtaining the Sentinel at Comic-Con. I will be in line with everyone else!

Here’s what I was working with and held on to without posting for a LONG time…

These are the images below that Hasbro released just recently…

Leave a comment if you like… I’m always interested in what you have to say. Thanks!

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