DC Comics’ Midnight Release of Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1

DC Comics released details of their special midnight sales on Wednesday, August 31st. They are offering a free overship of Flashpoint #5.  Retailers who order 125% of their order for Flashpoint #1 will receive a free additional 25% overship (retailers get 150% of their Flashpoint #1 order and only pay for 125%).

The “New 52” titles will be released both in comic book stores and digitally at the same time. Justice League#1 will also be available in a combo back edition, polybagged with a redemption code for a digital download of the issue upon purchase.

Justice League #1 Covers: Jim Lee & Scott Williams Cover, David Finch Variant, David Finch Pencil Variant and Combo Variant

The only new DC titles that can be sold on Wednesday, August 31 at 12:01am are:

  • Justice League #1 Jim Lee/Scott Williams cover (JUL110187)
  • Justice League #1  David Finch Variant Edition (JUL110188)
  • Justice League #1 B&W David Finch Variant Edition (MAY118218)
  • Justice League #1 Combo Pack (JUL110189)
  • Flashpoint #5 (JUN110178)
  • Flashpoint #5 Variant Edition Cover A (JUN110179)
  • Flashpoint #5 Variant Edition Cover B (JUN110180)
To insure the event is a success for all participants, DC has established the following guidelines.  This promotion is open to all US and Canadian accounts in good standing currently receiving comics on Tuesday for Wednesday on-sale.  Retailers need to adhere to the on-sale date and time of Wednesday, August 31, at 12:01 am.
No other new DC items from that week’s new releases may be sold during the event.  Failure to adhere to the on-sale date and time will result in the loss of Tuesday delivery. Due to the Monday, August 29 Summer Bank Holiday, the midnight sale option will not be available to UK retailers.

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