Manga-ka Aoyama Kei, Dead at 32

News has been circulating that Manga-ka, Aoyama Kei (32), was found dead in his apartment in Komae-city, Tokyo on October 9th. According to the Metropolitan Police Department’s Chofu police station, they did not find any traditional suicide note. On October 6th, Aoyama tweeted 「まあ、やり残したことや、やりたかった夢などはいっぱい残ってはいるけど、「思い残すこと」はあまりないのだ。僕は、僕が生きた32年に、結構満足しているのだ。」which translates to “Well, I have much left to do and much I dreamed of doing, but I hardly have any regrets. I am content with the 32 year I have lived.” The police are investigating this as a possible suicide because of the tweet.

On October 9th at approximately 9pm, the police received a 110 call from a source from the Japanese publisher Kodansha who said “We haven’t been able to contact Mr. Aoyama.” The police rushed to Aoyama’s apartment and found him in his bathroom. There was no noticeable physical trauma or wounds, or any signs of forced entry.

Aoyama was serializing his manga “Yoiko no Mokushiroku” in Kodansha‘s Evening magazine. He was also the creator or artist of the manga SWWEEET in Shogakukan’s Monthly Ikki magazine, China Girl, and Strobe Light.

Condolences to his family, friends and fans.


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