Updated Information on Pre-Paid Parking for Comic-Con 2012

Ace Parking has responded with the following message (below) regarding yesterday’s “hiccup” on the “leaked link” sales of Pre-Paid Parking for Comic-Con 2012. They also state that Pre-Paid Parking for Comic-Con 2012 will open on Monday, April 23 at 9:00am PT. If you drive to Comic-Con, then this is the time to purchase your parking pass. Just remember that it is a pass and not an assigned parking spot. Passes will be limited as well, so be prepared for them to go quickly!

UPDATE: We have confirmed that for those of you who purchased through the old site while it was up briefly, WILL BE HONORED! We just wanted to make sure they were legit, (not through a hacker) and were transacted through our partner site before we officially gave the word! We wanted to make sure you could use those passes on the day of the event. Again, we apologize for any confusion this may haveĀ caused. For those of you who purchased passes and were having trouble clicking on the link in your confirmation email, that link should now be live again for you in case you need to view your receipt. Also, to answer many questions of why we wanted you to Private Message us or why we wanted to know exactly who, is because we wanted to make sure if we had to reach out individually, we were able to, but we were able to parse a list from The Permit Store so no need to PM us! PS. Monday at 9am is when the site will go live for the general public! Thanks again for being so understanding throughout this hiccup and we can’t wait to see you at Comic-Con!

via Ace Parking Management, Inc.

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