TR!CKSTER 2012 Has Released A First Look at Their New Location for 2012!

TR!CKSTER has moved to 795 J Street for Comic-Con 2012! It will be held at Wine Steals/Proper (online, I see it as Wine Steals East Village Restaurant/Pub). It will definitely be a place to go to while you’re at Comic-Con. It will have a gallery, symposiums/panels, a place to dine and drink, life art drawing events, a shop and a place to meet some of the artistic creators. I hope to go myself and see some of you there! Here’s their press release:

Wine Steals East Village restaurant/pub with bars to choose from, a rooftop terrace and the usual comics on sale, symposiums, panels, presentations, life art drawing events

Always on the prowl, we’ve jumped to a new location for TR!CKSTER 2012! 795 J Street, San Diego, CA is our new home for July 11-14. We’ll be setting up camp at WINE STEALS/PROPER: a paired restaurant/pub with a full menu and multiple bars. Inside, you’ll find a wide array of new and unique creator-owned work available for purchase with the help of our friendly staff, while the creators of this work relax and converse throughout the day! A rooftop terrace will give you a spot to unwind under the sun with your favorite new creator-owned acquisition and a beverage, surrounded by creators and fans alike. We plan to once again feature symposia demos and discussions during the day and life drawing in the evenings, rounding out a most unique storytelling and art experience!

More information coming soon on how YOU can help us make this the most memorable experience possible through our impending IndyGoGo campaign and more!


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