The VERONICA MARS SDCC VIP Packages Have Come and Gone in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Veronica Mars - HeaderWell, the 100 SDCC Fan Packages and 20 SDCC VIP Packages disappeared in less than 10 minutes from the VERONICA MARS Kickstarter page! But… There is some good news! 50 more Fan Packages and 20 more VIP Packages will be made available today at 1:00pm ET. Less than 24 hours left! Good luck to everyone!

Veronica Mars - SDCC VIP Package - KickstarterVeronica Mars - SDCC Fan Package - Kickstarter

Here is the last update for the VERONICA MARS Kickstarter page…


Hard to believe, but it’s almost over. We’ve got 24 hours left until our Kickstarter campaign ends. Yesterday we got 2,400 new backers. Today, we’ve gotten 3,600. Tomorrow, we only need about 5,000 more to break the all-time record for most backers.

That’s less than 220 backers an hour. We can do this.

In other news, we may have underestimated the level of interest you’d have in the new rewards we offered this morning, since all of the SDCC and Logan packages disappeared in under 10 minutes. If you were hoping for one of those, good news: we’ll be able to offer another (final) round tomorrow.

Also, many of you asked if there was an option to get both Jason’s personalized signature and the signed poster. Good news there, too. We’ll be adding a limited number of Logan Lover’s Deluxe packages for $250, which will include both the signed cast poster and the personalized headshot from Jason. Ask and ye shall receive.

For those of you keeping score at home, that means we’ll be adding the following rewards tomorrow, April 12, at 1:00 pm EST.


  • 50 SDCC Fan Packages ($150)
  • 20 SDCC VIP Packages ($450)


  • 50 pairs of tickets to the LA Premiere ($750)
  • 50 pairs of tickets to the NYC Premiere ($750)


  • 50 Logan Lover’s Packages ($150)
  • 100 Logan Lover’s Deluxe Packages ($250)

If you’re determined to get one of these, you might want to set an alarm. I don’t expect them to last long, and with the campaign ending tomorrow night, this will be your last chance.

Since I’ll be over at the Dog and Duck Pub tomorrow night, this will also be one of the last updates I send before the campaign ends. I’ve said this a lot this week, but I want to say it one more time before this ends:

Thank you. For everything.

Whether we break this final record or not, Kristen and I could not be more amazed, thrilled or grateful. We’ve always known that we have the best fans in the world. Now we’re pretty sure everyone else will know it too.

I’ll let Kristen have the last word for tonight:
— video not included here–

LoVe and Gratitude,

Rob and Kristen

Veronica Mars - Logan Lover's Package - 2nd Chance - Kickstarter Veronica Mars - SDCC Fan Package - 2nd Chance - Comic-Con 2013 - Kickstarter Veronica Mars - SDCC VIP Package - 2nd Chance - Comic-Con 2013 - Kickstarter


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