Pre-Paid Parking for Comic-Con 2013 will Open on April 19th at 9am!

Comic-Con 2013 - Pre-Paid Parking - SDCC - HeaderAce Parking will open sales for Comic-Con 2013 Pre-Paid Parking on April 19th at 9:00am PT. More info will be posted as it becomes available.

Parking passes will go on sale on April 19th at 9am - Ace Parking - Comic-Con 2013 - SDCC

Basic Info
Rules and Regulations
  • You MUST PRINT your parking permit and provide it to the parking attendant for lot entry. Each permit is only valid on the date displayed and at the facility identified on this permit. Without permit, vehicle will be subject to the posted parking rate provided availability exists. All permits must be fully displayed on the lower-left-hand corner of the driver-side windshield with the bar-code facing up. Failure to properly display permit will result in vehicle receiving citation, additional charges to customers’ credit card and/or tow at owners’ expense.
  • Permit good for a single entry – no in & out privileges. Parking will be guaranteed for the day and spaces shall be on an unreserved, first come, first served basis.
  • NO OVERNIGHT PARKING. Permit expires at 2:00am. Any vehicles left after 2:00am will be subject to tow at owners’ expense.
  • No refunds for permits after purchase. Not valid for RVs or oversized vehicles. No replacement for lost or stolen permits.
  • Any vehicle parked in an unauthorized area is subject to removal from the facility at the sole cost and expense of customer.
  • This is a license to park only; therefore, no bailment is created. Customer is granted the license to park the automobile identified in this Agreement at the location described. This license is personal and is not transferable. This license is applicable only to the automobile(s) identified set forth in this Agreement and only one automobile listed in this Agreement is permitted to park at this location at any one given time. No one may enlarge or increase Ace’s liability in any manner or under any circumstances. Customer shall indemnify and hold Ace harmless from and against all loss, damage and liability, including reasonable counsel fees and costs, from, pertaining to or related in any way to the presence or use of any vehicle or contents thereof in or about the subject parking facility.

Official Comic-Con Parking - Ace Parking - SDCC 2013 - Parking Passes

Steps to take once Online Parking Sales is Open
  • Step 1: Choose your parking location.
  • Step 2: Choose your dates and complete payment information.
  • Step 3: Review and confirm that the information is correct.
  • Step 4: View your permit and PRINT IT OUT!

Select a location from the map - Ace Parking - Comic-Con - SDCC - Sample Parking Locations Map

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