Comic-Con 2014 Badge Pre-Registration

Comic-Con 2014 - Attendee Badge Pre-Registration - SDCC - HeaderGet your Member ID NOW! Comic-Con Badge Pre-Registration will take place some time between November 1st and December 31st, 2013 (it’s never known when it may occur). If you’re getting someone a gift of a SDCC badge, they will need a Member ID. Everyone who attends will need a Member ID. Good luck and don’t hold your breath until then. Just be prepared. Check your “opt in” notices, etc. within the Member ID account page. Make sure all of your information is correct. Good luck!

Comic-Con is working hard to improve the online registration system and will launch Comic-Con 2014 badge preregistration sometime between November 1 and December 31, 2013. Only those that have purchased a Comic-Con 2013 4-Day attendee or 1-Day attendee badge and have a valid Comic-Con Member ID will be eligible to participate in 2014 badge preregistration. 

If you attended Comic-Con 2013 as a child, but will be age 13 or older as of November 1, 2013, you must register for a Comic-Con Member ID to be eligible to participate in 2014 preregistration. Once you have registered for a Member ID, log in to your Member ID account after August 8, 2013 and follow the instructions to qualify for preregistration. You will need your Comic-Con 2013 badge to register as an eligible attendee.

Professionals, guests of professionals, exhibitors, exhibitor purchased attendee badges, volunteers, staff, and press will not be allowed to participate in badge preregistration. Open online registration for all categories listed above will occur at a later date.

Eligible attendees will be notified via email with badge preregistration instructions and information sometime in November 2013. The notification will be sent to the email associated with your Member ID account.

Please be sure to “opt-in” to e-mail correspondence to receive the badge preregistration announcement. To check your Member ID notification “opt-outs,” log in to your account here and select the option “Change my preferences/unsubscribe.”

We strongly suggest that you log in to your Member ID account and check your current “Membership Type.” If you are a senior or member of the military, please be sure to update your Membership Type before preregistration to be eligible for the reduced badge price.

Thank you very much for your support of Comic-Con, and stay tuned for additional 2014 badge preregistration details!

via Comic-Con

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