San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Parking Permits Go On Sale 05/20/14 at 9am PT!

Comic-Con 2014 - Pre-Paid Parking Permits - SDCC - Ace Parking -  HeaderParking permits go on-sale 9am PT TODAY!


What is the link for the site selling the permits? We are releasing the link to the site that will be selling the permits ahead of time so you will be able to get familiar with the site and setup an account in the system. If you choose to, you can opt to purchase a reservation for one of the current days that are currently available for sale in the system and then refund it back to your credit card a few minutes later. Doing so will allow you to save your credit card information in your account to make the checkout process go as quickly as possible. Credit cards are not stored on the site and the site is fully PCI compliant. The permits will be sold by our reservation website at The permits will not be available for sale until 9am on Tuesday morning. The link to the page that will be selling the permits in the system is:

What are the operating hours for the lots?
Open 6am – 2am: Tailgate Park, Campus, Triangle, MTS, 707 Broadway, Gaslamp City Square.
Open 5am – 2am: Convention Center, Hilton Bayfront garage, Padres Parkade, Diamond View Towers, Horton Plaza.

What is the decal number field in the user account setup?
The decal number field is for Associates of Ace Parking Only and you can leave it blank.

Comic Con Location MapHow far away are the lots from the Convention Center?
Click on the map image on the left to view an interactive map of the locations that will be included in the on-line sale.

Do the lots offer over-sized vehicle parking?
No, vehicles over 18 feet will be turned away and not allowed to park even with a valid permit. Sorry.

Does my permit include in-and-out privileges for the day?
No, in-and-out privileges are not allowed. If you leave the lot your space will become available for another drive-up customer to park in. Sorry.

Does the on-line system require me to setup an account to purchase my permits?
Yes. You will need to setup an account during the checkout process. Your account will enable system features such as the ability to refund your permit if you are not able to attend the convention, switch the date of purchased permits (subject to availability and pricing of course), and tie all purchased permits to a single barcode that you can carry on your smart device for use at scanner equipped lots. Your account will be available for future purchases for parking at next years Comic-Con and other events with the same barcode assigned to you which will be replenished with future permit purchases as they are made.

Will the system allow me to purchase multiple permits per day?
No. Each account is restricted to one permit per day for Comic-Con. If you need to purchase more than one permit, you will need to setup multiple accounts.

Is there a way to purchase Comic-Con permits other than online?
The only way you can purchase advance parking permits for Comic-Con is through the online system. However, the majority of the lots included in the online sale and others that are not included will be available for drive up parking the day of the event. Drive up availability will be first come, first served for the remaining spaces not reserved online. The lots are expected to fill up fast. If you are planning to find parking the day of the event, you should get there early.

Can cars be parked overnight? Or just during the hours of the event?
Overnight parking is not permitted. The lots close at midnight and reopen at 6am (Convention Center opens at 5am). They close so they can be prepared for the next day. Most lots are pre-sold to full capacity each day, so any cars on the lot after 2am, will be towed at the owners expense.

What if I drive a different car the day of the event?
This year there is no need to enter details about your vehicle when you purchase your permit. The program doesn’t even prompt for them. We only request that you place a copy of your printed permit on your dashboard so it can be scanned by our lot enforcement personnel.

Can I make a copy of my permit and give it to my friend?
No. The permits are lot specific and can only be redeemed once. If a copy is found, the vehicle will be ticketed. If you’ve copied your permit and given it to a friend, the second permit scanned will be in violation and that may end up being your car. The permits are bar coded and lot enforcement personnel will be making the rounds scanning/redeeming them.

Handicap Parking?
ADA spaces are first come first served. The Convention Center and Hilton Bay Front are the best choices for ADA parking. The rate at both lots is $15 for Comic-Con.

Will the passes sold on-line include a fee?
Yes, a fee of $4.95 per pass, per day will be added at checkout.


Location Name Online Sales Rates
7/23/2014 7/24/2014 7/25/2014 7/26/2014 7/27/2014
Tailgate Park  $     20.00  $     30.00  $    30.00  $    30.00  $     20.00
Campus Lot  $     20.00  $     30.00  $    30.00  $    30.00  $     20.00
Triangle Lot Day of only Day of only Day of only Day of only Day of only
MTS Lot  $     20.00  $     25.00  $    25.00  $    25.00  $     20.00
707 Broadway  $         –  $         –  $        –  $    25.00  $     20.00
Hilton Bayfront Garage  $     15.00  $     15.00  $    15.00  $    15.00  $     15.00
Convention Center  $     15.00  $     15.00  $    15.00  $    15.00  $     15.00
Padres Parkade  $     20.00  $     30.00  $    30.00  $    30.00  $     20.00
Diamond View Towers  $         –  $         –  $        –  $    25.00  $     20.00
Horton Plaza  $     20.00  $     25.00  $    25.00  $    25.00  $     20.00
Gaslamp City Square  $     20.00  $     25.00  $    25.00  $    25.00  $     20.00

Customer Service Contact Information
P: 855.Ace-Park (223-7275)

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Pre-Paid Parking for Comic-Con 2013 will Open on April 19th at 9am!

Comic-Con 2013 - Pre-Paid Parking - SDCC - HeaderAce Parking will open sales for Comic-Con 2013 Pre-Paid Parking on April 19th at 9:00am PT. More info will be posted as it becomes available.

Parking passes will go on sale on April 19th at 9am - Ace Parking - Comic-Con 2013 - SDCC

Basic Info
Rules and Regulations
  • You MUST PRINT your parking permit and provide it to the parking attendant for lot entry. Each permit is only valid on the date displayed and at the facility identified on this permit. Without permit, vehicle will be subject to the posted parking rate provided availability exists. All permits must be fully displayed on the lower-left-hand corner of the driver-side windshield with the bar-code facing up. Failure to properly display permit will result in vehicle receiving citation, additional charges to customers’ credit card and/or tow at owners’ expense.
  • Permit good for a single entry – no in & out privileges. Parking will be guaranteed for the day and spaces shall be on an unreserved, first come, first served basis.
  • NO OVERNIGHT PARKING. Permit expires at 2:00am. Any vehicles left after 2:00am will be subject to tow at owners’ expense.
  • No refunds for permits after purchase. Not valid for RVs or oversized vehicles. No replacement for lost or stolen permits.
  • Any vehicle parked in an unauthorized area is subject to removal from the facility at the sole cost and expense of customer.
  • This is a license to park only; therefore, no bailment is created. Customer is granted the license to park the automobile identified in this Agreement at the location described. This license is personal and is not transferable. This license is applicable only to the automobile(s) identified set forth in this Agreement and only one automobile listed in this Agreement is permitted to park at this location at any one given time. No one may enlarge or increase Ace’s liability in any manner or under any circumstances. Customer shall indemnify and hold Ace harmless from and against all loss, damage and liability, including reasonable counsel fees and costs, from, pertaining to or related in any way to the presence or use of any vehicle or contents thereof in or about the subject parking facility.

Official Comic-Con Parking - Ace Parking - SDCC 2013 - Parking Passes

Steps to take once Online Parking Sales is Open
  • Step 1: Choose your parking location.
  • Step 2: Choose your dates and complete payment information.
  • Step 3: Review and confirm that the information is correct.
  • Step 4: View your permit and PRINT IT OUT!

Select a location from the map - Ace Parking - Comic-Con - SDCC - Sample Parking Locations Map

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Pre-Paid Parking for Comic-Con 2013 will be Available Mid-April!

Comic-Con 2013 - Pre-Paid Parking - SDCC - HeaderOnce again, Ace Parking has begun emailing some people about Pre-Paid Parking for Comic-Con 2013. This email confirms that it will take place mid-April. More info will be posted as it becomes available.


Advanced sales for parking will be made available in mid April. Please check the Comic Con web site’s parking link or Ace Parking’s website at for information updates.

Thank you.

Ace Parking

At this point, there has been no information provided by Comic-Con International.

Updated Information on Pre-Paid Parking for Comic-Con 2012

Ace Parking has responded with the following message (below) regarding yesterday’s “hiccup” on the “leaked link” sales of Pre-Paid Parking for Comic-Con 2012. They also state that Pre-Paid Parking for Comic-Con 2012 will open on Monday, April 23 at 9:00am PT. If you drive to Comic-Con, then this is the time to purchase your parking pass. Just remember that it is a pass and not an assigned parking spot. Passes will be limited as well, so be prepared for them to go quickly!

UPDATE: We have confirmed that for those of you who purchased through the old site while it was up briefly, WILL BE HONORED! We just wanted to make sure they were legit, (not through a hacker) and were transacted through our partner site before we officially gave the word! We wanted to make sure you could use those passes on the day of the event. Again, we apologize for any confusion this may have caused. For those of you who purchased passes and were having trouble clicking on the link in your confirmation email, that link should now be live again for you in case you need to view your receipt. Also, to answer many questions of why we wanted you to Private Message us or why we wanted to know exactly who, is because we wanted to make sure if we had to reach out individually, we were able to, but we were able to parse a list from The Permit Store so no need to PM us! PS. Monday at 9am is when the site will go live for the general public! Thanks again for being so understanding throughout this hiccup and we can’t wait to see you at Comic-Con!

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Pre-Paid Parking Link Leaked for Comic-Con 2012?

Well, it seems that Ace Parking has a leaked link and you can purchase  Pre-Paid Parking for Comic-Con 2012. Let’s see how long it takes for Comic-Con (CCI) to say something about this!

The leak has been plugged… Now to wait for an official announcement, which should be very soon, right?

Pre-Paid Parking Information for Comic-Con 2012

Well, it seems that Ace Parking has emailed some people about Pre-Paid Parking for Comic-Con 2012. It was already assumed that they would make it available some time in April, but now this email confirms this — unless Comic-Con (CCI) decides against it. We shall see. I’ll keep you posted here!

Advanced sales for parking will be made available in mid April. Please check the Comic Con web site’s parking link or Ace Parking’s web site at for information updates. Thank you.

Ace Parking

Comic-Con’s response via Facebook was:

We’re looking into this. I don’t think this email was generated by us. We’re all at WonderCon now so our focus is on that show. As soon as we learn something new we’ll post here.