Las Vegas Comic Expo Relocates to the Riviera

Las Vegas Comic Expo, previously announced to be held at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort, will be relocating to a new venue, the Riviera Hotel and Casino, directly located on the Las Vegas Strip!!!

Due to the flash floods from the recent rain storms, the original hotel and halls located at the Alexis Park Resort were damaged beyond immediate repair to house Las Vegas Comic Expo. Drywall, carpet and a lack of power proved too much to repair in such a short window, thus making the shift to the Riviera necessary.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused any of our guests, vendors and attendees. But oddly enough this unfortunate circumstance actually has led to an expansion for the show with a larger convention hall and plenty of space for attendees to browse and shop. The new location at the Riviera will be able to showcase and accommodate the entire guest list of over 50 of the top names in comics and entertainment all united with the exhibitors and artist alley in one grand exhibit hall. The gaming, panels and programs will be conveniently located adjacent to the main hall as well.

The dates of the convention hours remain the same for Las Vegas Comic Expo: Saturday, September 29 (10AM to 7PM) and Sunday, September 30 (10AM to 5PM).

All tickets previously issued will be honored and redirected to Las Vegas Comic Expo at the Riviera. Tickets are still available for sale in advance as well as at the door on the days of the event.

Located on the Las Vegas Strip, The Riviera Hotel and Casino is just a quick cab or shuttle ride from McCarran International Airport (LAS) and only minutes away from downtown Las Vegas and the Fremont Street Experience.

The hotel offers guests amenities of many dining options including a buffet, food court and steakhouse as well as the Oasis Pool, a barber shop, beauty salon, tattoo parlor (What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas), gaming casino and other forms of entertainment and conveniences. The hotel has ample free public parking, and is also a short walk to the public monorail system.

The Riviera is located at 2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

For more information about Las Vegas Comic Expo, including latest updates, please visit us at:



We are making arrangements with the Riviera Casino and Hotel to offer our guests of Las Vegas Comic Expo similar room rates as we had offered to our guests at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort.

We will have updated information to reserve hotel rooms within the next day.

Once we have that information, we will send it out to everyone.

If you used the “Las Vegas Comic Expo” promotional rate, you have two options.


You can maintain your reservation at the Alexis Park Resort.

The Alexis Park All Suite Resort will run a 14 seat shuttle service, complimentary to and from the Riviera Casino and Hotel, taking our guests door to door. The shuttle service will run on Saturday and Sunday from the Alexis Park every 2 hours at 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm noon, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm, and 8:00pm.

They will also continue to have complimentary shuttle service for their guests between the airport and the Alexis Park All Suite Resort.


You can cancel your room at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort and opt to make a reservation at The Riviera Hotel and Casino. The deadline to cancel at The Alexis Park Resorts without penalty is 48 hours prior to the date of your reservation.
For those who made reservations at Alexis Park outside of the Las Vegas Comic Expo promotions, you will need to discuss with Alexis Park about your options.


If you took advantage of the “Confirmed 100 Offer”, your free admission to Las Vegas Comic Expo, as part of our free pass promotion will still of course be honored as long as the following applies:

If you keep your Alexis Park reservation, you will still receive the free admission pass(es).

If you transfer your reservation to the Riviera Hotel and Casino, you will still receive the free admission pass(es).

We will cross check all reservations made with Alexis Park and the Riviera.

With the current situation, the easiest way to claim your free admission is to bring a government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc…) to the Will Call area during the pre-registration or show times.

via Las Vegas Comic Expo Press Release

Why you won’t be able to get any Adam Hughes sketches at comic conventions any more…

On the Yahoo Group Hughes Fans — The Adam Hughes Discussion Group, Allison Sohn (artist, partner and wife)  posted the following message after returning from the Boston Comic Con.

Thank the piece of shit that moaned and practically wept about needing his Wonder Woman sketch, and today it’s on eBay.

Here’s how things will work going forward. Adam was only able to get 3 sketches done this past weekend- and was was for the S.O.B. that turned around and eBayed it. So now Adam will eBay one sketch per convention day. If its a 2-day show, there will be 2 auctions. 3-day show, there will be three auctions. No more $200 and $400 sketches. Sorry. But if Adam has to kill himself drawing so that some lying slime ball can go home and make a profit off of his hard work, then forget it.

Maybe it seems harsh, but here’s the reality. I can no longer remember who has a sketch, who has been waiting for one for years, and who is a flipper and who isn’t. I just can’t keep all your names and faces straight. And at a show when there are 50+ names on the list, I challenge anyone else to do it and not screw up. And when we get home, and my failure in my ability to remember everyone and what their deal with drawings is, is rewarded with eBay flipping, It makes Adam angry and disappointed, and he doesn’t want to sketch at all. So the compromise is if eBay is where they will end up, then eBay is where they will start.

I’m sorry for all those people to whom we said “everyone gets one sooner or later”, because now that probably won’t be the case. But honestly, with the number of people that want art, there’s simply no way we can make everyone happy anymore. And its not worth it to me to see Adam miserable trying to make everyone happy anyway.

What bothers me most is how annoyingly persistent the guy was. He lingered, hovered, and made all sorts of stories up about how much he really wanted his sketch. Essentially, he lied and he lied a lot, at the expense of real fans. Adam could have spent that time drawing for someone on the list that really DID want the sketch. I hope this guy chokes.

[Some art buyers asked about art they’ve purchased and THEIR rights as owners of the commissioned pieces.]

I have always said selling art is the owner’s prerogative. However, to set out to buy one of these pieces with the sole intention of selling it– that’s “flipping” and not “life happening”. A member of the Yahoo group here is selling his Black Queen sketch that he won as an guaranteed ebay Auction last year or the year before- life happens: he is getting married and wants to surprise his bride to be with an amazing honeymoon trip. Heck- I myself have had to sell art in the past to make my rent. But I didn’t say to myself “If I buy this sketch that is severely under-priced, I could take it home and sell it and pay my rent for four months”.

As for sketch cards: when we draw sketch cards, we know we are drawing them so that people can buy cases, break them, re-sell the cards and try and at least make their money back, and at best make a killing. We go into the deal knowing that- even Adam. When Adam does sketch cards, we know that a very small percentage of people actually keep their pulls. And knowing it, he chooses to still do sketch cards. That’s his choice. If people in line said “I’m going to buy this drawing to flip it” then Adam could make an educated decision about doing the drawing. But this is deceitful, where as sketch cards are all about trading and selling, and almost always have been.

[continued from another post…] …this really was a “last straw” situation. The truth is, I’ve been saying for a couple of years now that Adam would soon have to stop sketching for fans. The lines are too long, and the amount of time it takes to complete the sketches gets longer and longer as people want to shake his hand, have 2 minutes to talk, get things signed, and in general be able to go home with that personal experience they came to the convention looking for. As Adam has been getting less sketching done, we have to ask ourselves- does Adam not say hi to fans, and take a few minutes to talk, maybe making hundreds of people happy, in favor of getting three drawings done and making a very small number of people happy? And when a third of your weekend’s work gets tossed on eBay without a care…. Well it makes it a little bit easier to make the tough decisions.

Also, that eBayer’s ID is ryedad70 and it seems that he removed his listing for the Wonder Woman sketch. What a jerk. What do you think? Is this what most people do nowadays? Leave a comment if you wish. It’s sad that another artist will not do sketches any more, even though I always wondered when they were able to actually do the commissions!!