The Making of Warner Bros. Comic-Con 2011

Warner Bros. has released a new video clip on their Comic-Con 2011 page. Below is what was discussed and some photos from the video. I hope the information provided gives a better understanding on what goes on behind the scenes with the various companies that exhibit at SDCC. If you can identify any of the people in the video at WB or the photos below please leave a comment as it would be fun to know who they are. Also, if you like any of my posts let me know on Twitter (I’m @ComicConGeek there!) Enjoy!

As we rev up for Comic-Con, all of us are curious what’s happening in Warner Bros. Event and Marketing dept. So we are joined by Lori Wells (Manager Marketing and Client Relations). Can you tell us how has Comic-Con changed for Warner Bros. over the years?

The second, last year’s Comic-Con was over, we start planning the next one to make it bigger and better. So everything from securing the booth space, to the booth design, to determining the bags that we are going to be giving away. From every division within Warner Bros., we do different giveaways and different properties.

And really and Exclusive items too right? That you can only get at Comic-Con…

Exactly. And this year there’s gonna be some really exciting giveaways. We’re going to have some of those scanner promotions and going to be giving away some big stuff!

Let’s talk about the booth.

It’s getting bigger and it’s expanding… and its getting more exciting… More colorful, just more fun!

Whenever we go to Comic-Con, we know that somebody big and good is gonna be there.

Sometimes they don’t know what’s coming up next, they’re just waiting there because they know that their favorite actor might be in the booth. And they may get a chance to see them and get an autograph. So yeah, the energy that is surround it is just so fun!

Can you tell us who’s gonna be there?

Of course not! No!

I had to try… I had to try… But regardless who’s gonna be there… It’s gonna be worth it…

It’s gonna be awesome.

Yeah, right. Also, there’s a buzz that going around that there might be something different that Warner Bros. is going to do when it comes to ticketing at the booth.

Yeah. We definitely have a new system in place with the autographs and we’re excited about what’s going to happen with that.

Everything is going to be worth the wait and there is always going to be some kind of action regardless of what time that you come to the Warner Bros. booth.

Absolutely, and as with past years, we have these great, interactive kiosk where our gaming dept. has a bunch of different games that they’ll be introducing that people can play. So it’s always very fun!

Well Warner Bros. has never let us down when it comes to creating exciting and surprising things at Comic-Con. So we look forward to seeing you down there in San Diego or at