Attendee Badges for Comic-Con Will Go On Sale February 16, 2013 at 9:00AM PT!

Comic-Con 2013 - Attendee Badge Purchase - SDCC - HeaderThe wait is over! Badges for Comic-Con International 2013 will go on sale February 16, 2013 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (PT).

The Member ID system will CLOSE to new registrations on February 12, 2013 and will not reopen until badge sales are over.

The link to EPIC Open Online Registration will be sent to eligible participants with a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID via email 48 hours prior to the start of badge sales*.  You may click the link, or copy-and-paste it into you browser.

Comic-Con will NOT post this link on our website, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you purchased a 4-Day badge with Preview Night during pre-registration in August 2012 OR If you are a professional or guest of professional who has registered for a Comic-Con 2013 professional badge, you are not eligible to participate in Open Online Registration. You may not purchase a badge of any type on February 16, 2013.

To confirm if you are eligible to participate in Open Online Registration, please log in to your Member ID account here.

*We are currently experiencing difficulties with AOL email accounts. If you have an AOL account and are eligible for Open Online Registration, but did not receive the email notice on Friday, we strongly recommend you check your SPAM folder and consider using an alternate email address. 

BADGE TYPE Adult Junior** U.S. Military /
4-Day WITH Preview Night $175 $87 $87
4-Day WITHOUT Preview Night $150 $75 $75
1-Day — Thurs, Fri or Sat $42 $21 $21
1-Day — Sunday $24 $12 $12

**Juniors age 13-17 pay junior prices. Seniors 60 years or older pay the U.S. Military/Senior reduced price. Active U.S. Military with ID can pay the U.S. Military/Senior price. This deal does not extend to dependents.

Everyone who intends to purchase, apply, or register for a Comic-Con badge must have a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID. The Member ID site will close to new registrations and changes on February 12, 2013 and will not reopen before badge sales begin. This includes attendees, volunteers, professionals, trade professionals, exhibitor main contacts, and members of the press. Please click here for details.

Children age 12 and under are free with a paying adult. Children do not need to register for a Member ID to receive a badge. You may register a child (12 and under) onsite for free at the Attendee Badge Pick-Up Desk if a paying adult accompanies the child. You will be required to provide emergency contact information for any child registrant age 12 and under.

To accommodate the transition from child to junior (age 13-17), we have set a static date to determine who is considered a child for Comic-Con 2013. If you were age 12 or under on August 1, 2012, you do not need to buy a badge for Comic-Con 2013. You may attend as a child. If you were age 13 or older on August 1, 2012, you must create a Member ID and purchase a badge for Comic-Con 2013 during EPIC Open Online Registration.

Comic-Con 2013 - Attendee Badge Purchase - Cheat Sheet - SDCC - HeaderComic-Con 2013 Badge Purchase “Cheat Sheet”

The following information is for people who are interested in purchasing a Comic-Con 2013 badge. It is a lot of information to digest, but those who read it may have a significant advantage over those who choose not to. Above all, we sincerely wish we could accommodate everyone who would like to attend our event, but unfortunately we are limited by capacity. We have tried our best to make the registration system as smooth and painless as possible. We hope the information below will give you a leg up on the competition!

Preparation for Open Online Registration: 

  • Anyone who wishes to purchase a Comic-Con 2013 badge must have a valid Comic-Con Member ID. To sign up for a Member ID, please click here. The Member ID system will CLOSE to new registrations on February 12, 2013 and will not reopen until badge sales are over.
  • Once you have a valid Member ID account, log in and check your opt-outs by selecting the “Show My Preferences/Unsubscribe” option. DO NOT OPT-OUT of email correspondence from Comic-Con if you wish to receive the Open Online Registration link.
  • You will need your last name and Member ID to log in to the EPIC Registration system. Sign in to your Member ID account and select the “Show My Info” option to verify your registration login information. If you will be purchasing a badge for a friend or family member, you will need their Member ID and last name as well.
  • If you are a junior, senior, or member of the military, please log in to your Member ID account and select the “Change My Preferences/Unsubscribe” option. Double check your “Membership Type” and change it if needed. You will not be able to change this option on the day of badge sales. If your “Membership Type” is listed as adult, you will not be shown the option to purchase a junior, senior, or military badge.
  • If you have already purchased a badge during pre-registartion in August 2012, but are attempting to upgrade your badge purchase, please read the badge purchase Terms & Conditions. Your preregistration purchase will be automatically canceled and refunded, without notification, if you purchase an overlapping badge date during Open Online Registration.
  • If you will be using someone else’s credit card to make a purchase, please be sure you have their email and physical address before you begin.

Day of Sale Instructions: 

  • The EPIC Registration waiting room will open at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (PT) on February 16, 2013. Prior to that, if you click the link (or copy-and-paste into your browser)  you will be taken to a static landing page.  At 9:00 AM (PT), click the green button on the landing page and you should be redirected to the EPIC Registration waiting room.* IT IS OK TO REFRESH YOUR BROWSER WHILE ON THE LANDING PAGE. However, do not refresh your browser once you have reached the EPIC waiting room.
  • Once inside the EPIC Registration waiting room, a number will indicate your position in line. DO NOT REFRESH YOUR BROWSER OR RUN MULTIPLE INSTANCES OF THE WAITING ROOM IN YOUR BROWSER.  Refreshing your browser or running multiple instances of the waiting room in a single browser will move you to the back of the line.
  • Once you have reached the front of the line, you will enter your Last Name and Member ID. Please be sure to review this information by logging in to your Member ID account prior to February 16, 2013.
  • After you begin your badge purchase session, you will review your contact information and select the badge you wish to purchase. If your contact information is incorrect, please continue on and purchase your badge anyway. You will have an opportunity to change your information at a later date and you do not want to lose valuable seconds while in the EPIC registration system.
  • If the badge you wish to purchase is unavailable, please make an alternate selection. Do not refresh your session. Refreshing your session or hitting the “back” button will not refresh badge inventory. If your preferred badge is not listed, it is not available.
  • If you wish to register another person after you have completed your payment, select the “Purchase Another Badge” button at the end of your registration session. If you do not select this option, you will be removed from your EPIC registration session and will not have the opportunity to purchase another badge.
  • You may register up to four people (including yourself) during your EPIC registration session, while badge inventory is available. You must register each person individually and each must have his or her own valid and unique Member ID. You may not register more than one person with the same Member ID. Be sure to have the Member ID and last name for any individual you wish to register.
  • It is possible that badge inventory may run out while you are in session. If you select a badge option and receive an error message upon payment, please follow the instructions to return to the badge registration page and select another badge option. Your original option is no longer available.
  • It is possible that you may purchase a badge for yourself, but find that the same badge type is unavailable when you try to purchase for a friend or family member. Comic-Con does not guarantee that all badge types will be available at the time of purchase. Comic-Con does not guarantee that you will be able to purchase badges for up to four people before inventory is depleted.

Post-Sale Instructions: 

  • After you have completed your EPIC registration session, please allow 48 hours for EPIC to charge your credit card. You will be sent a confirmation of your credit card transaction immediately.
  • EPIC barcode confirmations will be sent out 48 – 72 hours after registration closes. Please allow at least 72 hours for your barcode confirmation to arrive before contacting Comic-Con International.
  • Comic-Con customer service will be available from 8:30 AM PT until badges are sold out on February 16, 2013. We will post the customer service hotline number on Facebook only. To follow us on Facebook, please click here.

*Although SDCC makes efforts to ensure the purchase of badges is easy, efficient, and equitable, SDCC makes no guarantee, warranty, or representation that, by logging onto the Web site with a Comic-Con Member ID, you are entitled to or be able to purchase a badge. Due to the limited number of badges and the large volume of Comic-Con Member ID holders, badges are sold as long as they are available. Please be advised that SDCC badges sell out very quickly. Not all persons eligible to purchase a badge will be able to purchase a badge. Due to the large volume of traffic, the EPIC landing page may not redirect you to the waiting room or your browser may time out while attempting to connect to the waiting room. Additionally, SDCC makes no guarantee, warranty, or representation that the Web site will function properly throughout the badge sales process. In the event that the Web site malfunctions, SDCC will try to rectify the problem in a timely fashion. Notwithstanding, by using the Web site you agree that IN NO EVENT SHALL COMIC-CON, ITS PRINCIPALS, AGENTS, REPRESENTATIVES OR AFFILIATES BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THE WEB SITE OR THE BADGE SALE AND REGISTRATION PROCESS.

While Comic-Con has worked on streamlining the badge purchase experience, it is possible that problems outside of our control could result in the system not working as planned. The possibility exists that anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware software may aggressively block browser cookies, JavaScript, or other operation of modern web applications. It is also possible that user error, specific hardware problems, local ISP issues, or simply the extremely high level of demand beyond our control may result in your computer and/or browser not behaving as described above. Unfortunately, because of these factors, Comic-Con is unable to guarantee that your efforts will result in a successful badge purchase regardless of when you enter the process.

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Hallmark Unveils Plans, Reveals Exclusive Keepsake Ornaments for Comic-Con 2012!

Hallmark announces its return to Comic-Con International in San Diego – the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world. Celebrating its fifth year at Comic-Con, Hallmark will provide more than 100,000 attendees access to Comic-Con-exclusive Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, visits with a Keepsake Ornament artist and sneak peeks of products to be released in 2013.

During the convention, held July 11-15, 2012, Hallmark will sell limited quantities of the following Keepsake Ornaments:

  • 4-LOM and Zuckuss: This two-pack features the criminal droid 4-LOM and Gand tracking expert Zuckuss from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackTM. Created exclusively for event sales, 4-LOM and Zuckuss are the last bounty hunters depicted in the film to become Keepsake Ornaments. Limited run of 1,000 sets ($35 per set).
  • A Human Hero: This original sculpture is inspired by the 1986 comic-book masterpiece “The Dark Knight Returns.” This gritty adventure helped to establish the more realistic and complex portrayal of the Dark Knight in modern media. Limited run of 875 Keepsake Ornaments ($25 each).
  • Cylon Centurion: In the classic 1978 TV series Battlestar GalacticaTM, Cylon Centurions relentlessly pursue the “ragtag” survivors of the twelve colonies of humanity across the reaches of space with a single goal: destroy all humanoids. This gold-painted variant of last year’s popular ornament is Hallmark’s first Comic-Con exclusive to feature sound. Limited run of 750 Keepsake Ornaments ($25 each).

“We’re excited to return to Comic-Con and to reward our passionate fans with exclusive Keepsake Ornaments and first-looks at new products,” said Beth Dorr, associate merchandise manager for Keepsake Ornaments. “This year, we’re bringing back fan-favorite activities, such as daily pin giveaways, and offering new activities, including autograph sessions with a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament artist.

Visitors to Hallmark’s booth in the Lucasfilm Pavilion will be able to meet and receive free autographs from Robert Chad, one of the Hallmark artists behind the 4-LOM and Zuckuss Keepsake Ornaments.

Also making a return appearance are fan favorites hoops&yoyo. Creator Bob Holt will be in the booth with the hoops&yoyo characters, Thursday, July 12 (4-6 p.m.); Friday, July 13 (1-3 p.m.); and Saturday, July 14 (1-3 p.m.).

Attendees also can view many of the new 2012 Keepsake Ornaments, including Edward and Bella’s Wedding and The Amazing SpidermanTM, as well as get a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2013. A series of collectible buttons featuring five Keepsake Ornaments also will be available for fan pick-up. The series features five designs, with a limited quantity of one design given away each day of Comic-Con.

Fans not in attendance still can be a part of Hallmark’s Comic-Con action. Hallmark will give away one set of Comic-Con-exclusive Keepsake Ornaments on Twitter before the convention begins. Additional product giveaways will be hosted before and during the convention. Follow @HallmarkPR, #ComicCon and #SDCC for more information.

About Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Hallmark makes the world a more caring place by helping people express what’s in their hearts and spend time together – a privilege few other companies in the world enjoy. Hallmark greeting cards and other products are found in more than 38,000 retail outlets in the United States, including the network of flagship Hallmark Gold Crown® stores. The brand also reaches people online at and on television through Hallmark Hall of Fame original movies and cable’s top-rated Hallmark Channel. Worldwide, Hallmark offers products in more than 30 languages available in 100 countries. This privately held company is based in Kansas City, Mo., and is led by the third generation of the founding Hall family. Visit for more details.
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Comic-Con Cancelled and Returned Badge Resale

The time has come for all of you that have NOT already purchased badges/passes to Comic-Con 2012! Remember, you must already have a Comic-Con Member ID and it must be confirmed! All others, will only waste your time as the system will not permit you to complete your purchase.

Remember that there are only 5000 single-day (1-day) badges/passes available! These badges/passes will go SUPER FAST! Expect to login promptly at 8am PT! You snooze, you lose… and this time it’s for good. One last reminder, if clicking the link doesn’t work, try copy-and-pasting the link into your browser OR navigate there manually OR have the link bookmarked in your browser PRIOR to the sale. Well, GOOD LUCK and see you at Comic-Con!


The Comic-Con International cancelled and returned badge resale will be open only to those who had a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID as of May 24th, 2012. Additionally, anyone who has already purchased a Comic-Con 4-day badge (with or without Preview Night) or Saturday badge will not be allowed to participate in this resale.

Please keep in mind that cancelled and returned badge inventory is very limited. There are only 5,000 single day badges for sale.

The resale will begin on May 31st, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time (PT). There will be no link provided on any social media sites to access the sale directly.

The link for this resale is: located in your email! Go check it out now!

Please note, this link will not be active until 8:00 a.m. PT. If you click this link early, you will receive a “404 – NOT FOUND” error page and you will need to close your browser window and click the link again at or after 8:00 a.m. PT.  We recommend that you bookmark this link prior to the sale, copy and paste it into your browser, or manually type in the URL.

To verify the Member ID and last name you will use to sign-in to the EPIC online badge system, please visit and login to your Member ID account. Your correct EPIC login info will be displayed at the top of the page.

You will only be able to register up to two (2) people total during your online registration session and you must have the unique Member ID and last name for each individual. You may purchase up to four (4) single day badges (no duplicate days), while supplies last.

For specific rules and regulations for this resale, please visit: or

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Comic-Con International Decides Not To Offer On-Site Pre-Registration for SDCC 2013

Comic Con International sent a email/survey to current badge holders to try to get input from attendees regarding purchasing passes for 2013. There will NOT be any Attendee Pre-Registration for Comic-Con 2013 at the convention, as was done last year. CCI is considering opening online pre-registration for current (2012) attendees after Comic-Con 2012 is over with a possibility of also restricting the number of badges you will be able to purchase. There will be more complaints about this process as well since those that were not able to purchase passes will feel left out of this ability to give their own input. Unfair? Yes. It does not seem that this was well thought out. Is there room for improvement? Yes. Will your input be considered? Perhaps.

The only good news from all of this is that everyone can enjoy the rest of the convention without waiting in a line to purchase passes. So, it would seem the other lines at Comic-Con will be just that much longer though. With a crowd that seems to get larger every year, being able to attend the convention does not rely solely on your personal availability and/or the size of your bank account. It just relies on shear luck at this point. Any comments are welcome and GOOD LUCK to everyone!


Dear <Attendee>,

As a Comic-Con 2012 registered attendee you are receiving this email. We hope you will agree to take a quick survey (8 questions) that could help us
better serve you in terms of future registration. Below is a link to the survey
which will be conducted on our vendor’s website at SurveyGizmo. The survey will
be open until midnight Friday, May 25, 2012 Pacific Time (PT).

<link removed>

Please do NOT forward this link. If you do, other people will overwrite your data. Thank you in advance for your anticipated help and for being an active part of Comic-Con International.

This message was sent by Comic-Con International, San Diego, CA 92112-8458.

You are receiving this email because you have signed up for a Comic-Con Member ID.


In an effort to better accommodate and understand the needs of our attendees Comic-Con has, from time to time, conducted audience feedback surveys. In the past, this has been done onsite on a one-on-one basis. The new Comic-Con Member ID system now allows us to conduct these surveys online and potentially use a wider test audience.

Receiving your input will better assist us in trying to find the best way to face the challenges of having a popular show for which there are more people who want to attend than we have badges to accommodate. By taking part in this survey you will become an active partner in helping Comic-Con meet the needs of our attendees and help to provide a better experience for all.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This survey is being distributed only to current 2012 badge holders.

Because of the sheer number of people who wanted to register at the show for the following year, we had to move 2012 pre-registration off-site to accommodate the lines of people and allow space for additional registration equipment.

Our plan in 2011, to have the pre-registration area open only until 11:00am each day or until the allotment of badges had been sold, was an effort to allow people to enjoy the show and not have to spend the entire day in line for badges. Unfortunately, even with these changes and a larger facility we could not accommodate every attendee who wanted to purchase a badge for Comic-Con 2012, and we did not avoid having a long line of people waiting to purchase those badges.

Comic-Con has decided to not offer on-site pre-registration for the 2013 show.

Instead, we plan to offer those who attend Comic-Con 2012 a special opportunity to purchase a 2013 badge after Comic-Con.

Answering the questions below will help us find the best solution to facilitate this process. Thank you for your cooperation and your assistance and for being an active part of Comic-Con International.


  1. I like the idea of having some type of pre-registration sale limited only to people who attended in 2012.
  2. I like the idea of a Traditional Online Sale for Comic-Con 2013 badges, where only those people with a 2012 badge could participate.Traditional Online Sale – the general online sale which has been used for the bulk of the badge sales in past few years.
  3. I like the idea of a Limited Drawing for Comic-Con 2013 badges, where only those with a 2012 badge could participate.
  4. What number of total Comic-Con 2013 badges should we allocate for pre-registration to 2012 badge holders?I think those with a Comic-Con 2012 badge should be allowed to purchase badges for friends and family who ALSO attended Comic-Con in 2012.
  5. How many people should they be allowed to buy badges for (other than their own badge)
  6. I think those with a Comic-Con 2012 badge should be allowed to purchase badges for friends and family who DID NOT attend Comic-Con in 2012
  7. Did you pre-register for a Comic-Con 2012 badge at the 2011 show?
  8. Have you pre-registered on-site in any year before 2011?

Press Registration is OPEN for Comic-Con 2012!

Comic-Con 2012 Online Press Registration opens today (04/24/12) for all returning and first-time applicants. It opened a little later than they expected probably because of WonderCon being in a different venue, etc. Remember, there is no on-site registration so you must submit your online application before May 25, 2012! Your verification materials form and materials need to be postmarked by May 29, 2012. Also remember that the issuance of a Press badge is at the sole discretion of Comic-Con International.

Refer to the Press Checklist, Press Verification Form & Information Sheet, and the official website for more information.

Please e-mail for any questions; to assist you in the most effective way, please always state your Comic-Con Member ID when in contact with the Comic-Con International (CCI) Press Registration department.

Fox International Channels Announces Global Launch Dates for the Second Season of THE WALKING DEAD!

Just off the heels of Comic-Con, Fox International Channels (FIC) announced October 17th as the kickoff launch date for the highly anticipated second season of the television series The Walking Dead.

Once again, a few hours after AMC’s premiere Sunday, October 16th, FIC will begin its second season rollout on Monday, October 17th. All FIC markets will be launching the first episode during the week of October 17th and before the second episode is released in the US.

The Walking Dead audience wants to see this show live,” said Sharon Tal Yguado, SVP of Scripted Programming. “The first season became a hyped global water cooler event and we feel obligated to bring the show to international viewers right after its US launch.”

Second season of The Walking Dead will reach FOX audiences in 122 countries, speaking 35 languages and will be seen by over 200 million internationally. Markets include: Australia, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Balkans, Baltic, Norway, Netherlands, all Latin America, all Middle East, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa.

FIC and AMC are working closely on a global marketing campaign and communication strategy for this year’s thirteen episode series.

Season one of The Walking Dead marked the best performance for a US cable show in the international market. It delivered record breaking ratings in both the US and internationally. It was nominated for several awards including but not limited to: Best Television Series Drama at the 68th Golden Globes and has also been nominated for three awards for the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards in the US. Internationally, season one won Best Series, Best Writer and Man of The Year for Robert Kirkman at the Stan Lee Awards in the UK and has been nominated by the Seoul International Drama Awards for Best Series and early this year, Fox International Channels won a Promax Award for best global campaign for the first season.

Earlier today, FIC released The Walking Dead second season trailer to the international community with a message about the global launch. The trailer will be available on

The Walking Dead is AMC’s first wholly-owned original series. FIC owns all international rights for the project, in all international markets outside of North America and recentlymade a deal with eOne to handle Broadcast TV rights and Digital/DVD rights in all markets.
The Walking Dead is based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics. Kirkman serves as an executive producer on the project and three-time Academy Award-nominee Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) serves as writer, director and executive producer. Gale Anne Hurd (The Terminator, Aliens, Armageddon, The Incredible Hulk), chairman of Valhalla Motion Pictures, serves as Executive Producer. David Alpert from Circle of Confusion serves as Executive Producer. [CORRECTION] Glen Mazzara (The Shield, Crash, Life), also will serve as Executive Producer.
 About FOX International Channels
FOX International Channels (FIC) is News Corporation’s international multi-media business. We develop, produce and distribute 200+ wholly- and majority-owned entertainment, factual, sports and movie channels across Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, in 35 languages. These networks and their related mobile, non-linear and high-definition extensions, reach over 370 million subscribing households (1 billion cumulative) worldwide. We also operate a global online advertising unit, .FOX (pronounced “dot-fox”) specialized in online video and display, and four TV production houses. In operation since: August 14, 1993.
About AMC
AMC reigns as the only network to ever win the Golden Globe® Award for Best Television Series – Drama three years in a row and the only basic cable network to win back-to-back Primetime Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Drama Series.  Whether commemorating favorite films from every genre and decade from the most comprehensive library or creating acclaimed original productions, the AMC experience is an uncompromising celebration of great stories.  AMC’s original stories include the Emmy® Award-winning dramas Mad Men and Breaking Bad, and insightful non-scripted programming such as AMC News.  AMC further demonstrates its commitment to the art of storytelling with curated movie franchises like AMC Hollywood Icon and AMC Complete Collection.  Available in more than 95 million homes (Source: Nielsen Media Research), AMC is a subsidiary of Rainbow Media Holdings LLC, which includes sister networks IFC, Sundance Channel, WE tv and Wedding Central.  AMC is available across all platforms, including on-air, online, on demand and mobile.  AMC: Story Matters HereSM.
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Science and STAR TREK Join Forces with Feature Length Roddenberry Documentary TREK NATION

With the 2011 Comic-Con International in San Diego as the backdrop, SCIENCE today announced its partnership with science fiction royalty, Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, and Roddenberry Entertainment on the upcoming the feature-length special, TREK NATION, scheduled to air in fourth quarter 2011. TREK NATION explores the popularity and appeal of Star Trek through the man who created it all – the late Gene Roddenberry.

Rod will take SCIENCE audiences along with him as he explores his father’s work and the impact of his legacy that still resonates today. Through interviews with his most devoted fans, including George Lucas, J.J. Abrams, Stan Lee and many others, TREK NATION is the story of a son trying to learn more about his father by unraveling the intricacies of Star Trek.

The film demonstrates how Gene’s work not only captivated legions of fans across the globe, but also generated a movement which has influenced entertainment, politics, space travel, social morality and much more. Fostering a timeless understanding of the human condition and capturing man’s constant search for a better world defines everything that is TREK NATION.

“This project is very personal for me, as it literally documents my education on Star Trek, my father, and the Roddenberry legacy. Because of that, I can’t tell you how happy we are to have found a network that shares our vision for it,” said Rod Roddenberry “TREK NATION strikes a strong balance between exploring a science fiction phenomenon and relating a very universal story between a son and his father. I have every confidence that Star Trek fans and non-Star Trek fans alike are going to enjoy the film.”

“Star Trek isn’t just a television show; it is a global phenomenon, a way of life, which has shaped so many facets of how we define our world today,” said Debbie Adler Myers, general manager and executive vice president of SCIENCE. “We are honored to carry on the Roddenberry mission by continuing his legacy with TREK NATION.”

TREK NATION is produced for SCIENCE by Roddenberry Entertainment. Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry is an executive producer and Trevor Roth is a producer for Roddenberry Entertainment. Bernadette McDaid is vice president of production and executive producer for SCIENCE. New Animal Productions producer is Nicole Rittenmeyer and Scott Colthorp produces for Atmosphere Pictures.
SCIENCE, a division of Discovery Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), is home for the thought provocateur, the individual who is unafraid to ask the killer questions of “how” and “why not.” The network is a playground for those with audacious intellects and features programming willing to go beyond imagination to explore the unknown. Guided by curiosity, SCIENCE looks for innovation in mysterious new worlds as well as in its own backyard. SCIENCE and the SCIENCE HD simulcast reach more than 68 million U.S. households. The network also features high-traffic online and social media destinations, including, Channel and Channel.
About Discovery Communications
Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) is the world’s #1 nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.5 billion cumulative subscribers in 210 countries and territories. Discovery is dedicated to satisfying curiosity through 130-plus worldwide television networks, led by Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, SCIENCE and Investigation Discovery, as well as US joint venture networks OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, The Hub and 3net, the first 24-hour 3D network. Discovery also is a leading provider of educational products and services to schools and owns and operates a diversified portfolio of digital media services, including For more information, please visit
About Roddenberry Entertainment
Roddenberry Entertainment is a science-fiction leader with a tradition of groundbreaking entertainment. Originally founded in 1967 by Gene Roddenberry, the company has since led a steady stable of science-fiction successes including Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict, Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda and, most notably, Star Trek. Roddenberry Entertainment continues to produce entertainment for all audiences, employing a viewer-centric creative process and resulting in insightful explorations of humanity. The company’s mission is to make good on its namesake’s promise of superior science-fiction while utilizing new and varied vehicles of delivery. Building on its television roots, this entertainment pioneer has also successfully ventured into graphic novels, documentaries, and comic strips, all the while continuing a long and unique tradition in quality merchandising. Roddenberry Entertainment has set itself apart by creating content that surpasses mere entertainment; it challenges its audiences to think, question and explore the world, as well as those beyond. For more information on Roddenberry Entertainment please visit Roddenberry Entertainment can also be found on Facebook ( and Twitter (
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