New “Mousemask Murphy” Figures by Ron English

The new Ron English 10″ Mousemask Murphy vinyl figure is now available on the Garage Works website. The figure comes in an “international” color edition and a Japanese ZacPac Grey tone edition. Due to limited nature of these figures, only two figures can be sold per customer at the retail price of $140 each. Email them at if you are interested in obtaining one or two figures!

Ron English’s Mousemask Murphy Goes to Comic-Con!

ZacPac has announced Ron English’s Mousemask Murphy in Stealth Airplane Version. This piece stands 6.5″ tall and will debut at the Popaganda in Japan show in early July. This piece will be available on ZacPac’s website  and should show up at Toy Tokyo’s Booth at Comic-Con. It’s limited to 100 pieces, so there might not be many left for Comic-Con. I think it will be about $125 if their conversion rate is correct. Good luck!