Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope DVD and HeroClix Exclusive Combo Pack

HeroClix has announced that they will be releasing a four-figure exclusive Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope DVD set! The sets will be available this July at some stores and a limited quantity will also be available at San Diego Comic-Con! Visit the NECA booth if you want one of the Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope DVD and HeroClix Combo-Packs. The DVD is Region 1 encoded.

“COMIC-CON EPISODE IV: A FAN’S HOPE- a film by Morgan Spurlock explores this amazing cultural phenomenon by following the lives of five attendees as they descend upon the ultimate geek mecca at San Diego Comic-Con 2010:

  • Eric, an aspiring illustrator, is hoping to impress publishers and land a job;
  • Holly, costume and creature designer, hopes her creations will win the big prize;
  • Chuck, a long-time comic book dealer, is looking for a big sale to pay off his debts;
  • Skip, longtime amateur illustrator wants to be discovered at this year’s event;
  • James, a young fan, hopes his girlfriend will accept a dramatic proposal.

One on one interviews with Comic-Con veterans who have turned their passions into professions include Stan Lee, Joss Whedon, Frank Miller, Kevin Smith, Matt Groening, Seth Rogen, Eli Roth and others are shared throughout the film along with up close and up front coverage of all the panels, parades, photos, costumes, crowds and camaraderie that make up one of the largest fan gatherings in the U.S.”

The four HeroClix figures included in the exclusive combo-pack are shown below. They are the four people who helped make Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope possible:

Stan Lee

Morgan Spurlock

Joss Whedon

Harry Knowles

Note: This HeroClix Comic-Con combo pack should not be confused with the NECA action figure combo pack, which includes two of the noted visionaries above. The NECA action figure combo pack also contains a Region 1-coded DVD (United States, Canada, Bermuda, and U.S. Territories only!) and two action figures to re-enact all of your favorite moments from the movie!

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NECA’s SDCC Exclusive Classic Predator Gort is Packaged

NECA has provided a photo of their packaging for their Classic Predator Gort figure. The package includes a Predator with Gort mask and bloody severed skull/spine accessory. You can pick one up at Comic-Con for $20. I have a feeling these will go fairly quickly. Good Luck!

NECA’s Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive Guardian Gort Predator

NECA to show Evil Dead 2 Ash at San Diego Comic-Con

NECA has acquired the rights to Evil Dead and unveiled the head of Ash (Bruce Campbell) from Evil Dead 2. This should make horror fans happy as it looks extremely good! The sculpting is pretty much dead on…

It looks like they are pretty much set on revealing the Evil Dead 2 prototype Ash at SDCC which is a little less than two months away! The figure(s) should be out by October. NECA has a lot of characters to work with from the movie so we should see some very cool figures shortly. More info as it is released.

NECA’s Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive Guardian Gort Predator

NECA released pictures of their SDCC Exclusive Predator with Gort Mask.  This Predator has a new mask AND a new sculpted left hand. Now he can hold the bloody skull & spine accessory that comes packaged with him! This will definitely be a hot item at San Diego Comic-Con!

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NECA’s San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Gizmo!

From the brand new re-launch of the Gremlins line comes this special edition Comic-Con Gizmo. Gizmo comes with sunglasses to protect himself from the bright lights and the California sun along with a special SDCC lanyard & badge for his Comic-Con attendance. He will be fully poseable with moveable ears AND eyes. Gizmo also comes with a tote bag that he can use to hide from Stripe or from the crowds of fanboys and fangirls at Comic-Con!

NECA says that their exclusives are $20 at Comic-Con! Yes! Here’s a picture of Gizmo and the Comic-Con bag he will be coming in.

NECA’s Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive Guardian Gort Predator Figure

Here is a look at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive Gort Predator figure. The first picture shows an unpainted resin tooling model for the Gort mask with dreads. This Comic-Con exclusive will feature an original Predator body and includes a bloody severed skull with spine accessory.

The next image shows the double knee joint that NECA is using for Predator 2 (crouching will be possible).

Finally, a painted version of Gort is what you’re probably waiting for.

A standard version of Gort using a PREDATOR 2 body will be released later this year as part of NECA’s “Lost Tribe” figures. These were the Predators that were seen at the end of PREDATOR 2.

As a bonus image, here is the front & back sides of the packaging of the Predator 2 figures.