San Diego Comic-Con 2012 (SDCC) Attendee Registration Information




Military / Sr**

4-Day WITH Preview Night




4-Day WITHOUT Preview Night




1-Day Thurs – Sat




1-Day Sunday




  • * Comic-Con will no longer be offering a discount for 4-day badge purchases. We hope that this change will encourage people to purchase only the days they will actually be attending, leaving additional badges for others who want to attend Comic-Con.

  • **Children 12 and under with a paying adult are free. Juniors 13-17 pay junior prices. Seniors 60 years or older pay the Military/Senior reduced price. Active Military with ID can pay the Military/Senior price. This deal does not extend to dependents.

Because we hope to improve the efficiency and speed of the EPIC online registration system, we are requiring that anyone who wishes to purchase, apply, or register for Comic-Con badge must sign-up for their own personalized “Comic-Con Member ID“.

A Comic-Con Member ID is free and available to all adult and junior (ages 13 to 17) attendees with a valid and unique e-mail address. Children may not register for a Comic-Con Member ID.

By requiring a unique e-mail address for each Member ID, our hope is to increase the speed of the online registration process and prevent duplicate registrations that allow scalpers to purchase multiple tickets and sell them at inflated prices. Our intent is that the Comic-Con Member ID system will allow more fans to purchase tickets for this highly popular event.

For more information and to sign-up for a Comic-Con Member ID, please visit:

I want to attend Comic-Con 2012, but I did not buy a badge onsite at Comic-Con 2011 or I have never attended before. What should I do?

To purchase a badge for Comic-Con, you must first sign-up for a Comic-Con Member ID. For more information on the Comic-Con Member ID requirements and Terms & Conditions, please visit

Anyone who wishes to purchase, apply, or register for a Comic-Con badge must have a Member ID, including juniors (age 13 – 17). Children do not need a Member ID.

Once you have registered for a Member ID and confirmed your e-mail, you will be added to our special “E-List” to receive announcements regarding registration and online badge sales. Please do not “opt-out” of e-mail correspondence if you wish to be notified when online registration opens. Anyone with a Comic-Con Member ID will receive first notice (via e-mail) when open online registration opens in 2012.

If you plan to purchase a badge for anyone other than yourself, you must have his or her Member ID when online registration opens. You will not be able to purchase them a badge without their unique Comic-Con Member ID. One badge per Member ID.

Open online registration will be the only time you can purchase a badge for Comic-Con, and it usually sells out quickly. Please check the Comic-Con website at frequently for updates, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at for important Member ID registration and online sales announcements.

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