Thwipster — Daily Deals For Your Inner Geek!

Alright, Thwipster is a new website where you can get your geek on! It offers a great Daily Deal for geeky things, like a cool graphic novel or awesome action figure. This is like having a GroupOn for Geeks! They are trying to provide us with the best products in the geek/pop culture universe. Thwipster says that they will stand by their motto — “If we don’t think it’s cool… you won’t see it here on Thwipster.

While Thwipster is offering these deals, they want to give us more information about each product they sell and to entertain and enlighten our inner geek. Don’t forget to sign up to their daily newsletter so you don’t miss out on their deals! One last thing, they also have a special Deal of the Week that starts on Wednesday at 12am ET and ends on Tuesday at 11:59pm ET.

An example of one of their daily deals is shown below. This week’s deal is a Walking Dead hardcover for $18.99! Enjoy and let them know how much you like them!