San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Parking Permits Go On Sale 05/20/14 at 9am PT!

Comic-Con 2014 - Pre-Paid Parking Permits - SDCC - Ace Parking -  HeaderParking permits go on-sale 9am PT TODAY!


What is the link for the site selling the permits? We are releasing the link to the site that will be selling the permits ahead of time so you will be able to get familiar with the site and setup an account in the system. If you choose to, you can opt to purchase a reservation for one of the current days that are currently available for sale in the system and then refund it back to your credit card a few minutes later. Doing so will allow you to save your credit card information in your account to make the checkout process go as quickly as possible. Credit cards are not stored on the site and the site is fully PCI compliant. The permits will be sold by our reservation website at The permits will not be available for sale until 9am on Tuesday morning. The link to the page that will be selling the permits in the system is:

What are the operating hours for the lots?
Open 6am – 2am: Tailgate Park, Campus, Triangle, MTS, 707 Broadway, Gaslamp City Square.
Open 5am – 2am: Convention Center, Hilton Bayfront garage, Padres Parkade, Diamond View Towers, Horton Plaza.

What is the decal number field in the user account setup?
The decal number field is for Associates of Ace Parking Only and you can leave it blank.

Comic Con Location MapHow far away are the lots from the Convention Center?
Click on the map image on the left to view an interactive map of the locations that will be included in the on-line sale.

Do the lots offer over-sized vehicle parking?
No, vehicles over 18 feet will be turned away and not allowed to park even with a valid permit. Sorry.

Does my permit include in-and-out privileges for the day?
No, in-and-out privileges are not allowed. If you leave the lot your space will become available for another drive-up customer to park in. Sorry.

Does the on-line system require me to setup an account to purchase my permits?
Yes. You will need to setup an account during the checkout process. Your account will enable system features such as the ability to refund your permit if you are not able to attend the convention, switch the date of purchased permits (subject to availability and pricing of course), and tie all purchased permits to a single barcode that you can carry on your smart device for use at scanner equipped lots. Your account will be available for future purchases for parking at next years Comic-Con and other events with the same barcode assigned to you which will be replenished with future permit purchases as they are made.

Will the system allow me to purchase multiple permits per day?
No. Each account is restricted to one permit per day for Comic-Con. If you need to purchase more than one permit, you will need to setup multiple accounts.

Is there a way to purchase Comic-Con permits other than online?
The only way you can purchase advance parking permits for Comic-Con is through the online system. However, the majority of the lots included in the online sale and others that are not included will be available for drive up parking the day of the event. Drive up availability will be first come, first served for the remaining spaces not reserved online. The lots are expected to fill up fast. If you are planning to find parking the day of the event, you should get there early.

Can cars be parked overnight? Or just during the hours of the event?
Overnight parking is not permitted. The lots close at midnight and reopen at 6am (Convention Center opens at 5am). They close so they can be prepared for the next day. Most lots are pre-sold to full capacity each day, so any cars on the lot after 2am, will be towed at the owners expense.

What if I drive a different car the day of the event?
This year there is no need to enter details about your vehicle when you purchase your permit. The program doesn’t even prompt for them. We only request that you place a copy of your printed permit on your dashboard so it can be scanned by our lot enforcement personnel.

Can I make a copy of my permit and give it to my friend?
No. The permits are lot specific and can only be redeemed once. If a copy is found, the vehicle will be ticketed. If you’ve copied your permit and given it to a friend, the second permit scanned will be in violation and that may end up being your car. The permits are bar coded and lot enforcement personnel will be making the rounds scanning/redeeming them.

Handicap Parking?
ADA spaces are first come first served. The Convention Center and Hilton Bay Front are the best choices for ADA parking. The rate at both lots is $15 for Comic-Con.

Will the passes sold on-line include a fee?
Yes, a fee of $4.95 per pass, per day will be added at checkout.


Location Name Online Sales Rates
7/23/2014 7/24/2014 7/25/2014 7/26/2014 7/27/2014
Tailgate Park  $     20.00  $     30.00  $    30.00  $    30.00  $     20.00
Campus Lot  $     20.00  $     30.00  $    30.00  $    30.00  $     20.00
Triangle Lot Day of only Day of only Day of only Day of only Day of only
MTS Lot  $     20.00  $     25.00  $    25.00  $    25.00  $     20.00
707 Broadway  $         –  $         –  $        –  $    25.00  $     20.00
Hilton Bayfront Garage  $     15.00  $     15.00  $    15.00  $    15.00  $     15.00
Convention Center  $     15.00  $     15.00  $    15.00  $    15.00  $     15.00
Padres Parkade  $     20.00  $     30.00  $    30.00  $    30.00  $     20.00
Diamond View Towers  $         –  $         –  $        –  $    25.00  $     20.00
Horton Plaza  $     20.00  $     25.00  $    25.00  $    25.00  $     20.00
Gaslamp City Square  $     20.00  $     25.00  $    25.00  $    25.00  $     20.00

Customer Service Contact Information
P: 855.Ace-Park (223-7275)

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Comic-Con 2014 Hotel Reservations Open Tuesday, April 8 at 9:00 AM PT!

Comic-Con 2014 Hotel Reservations Will Open April 8 - 2014 at 9AM PT mdAt 9:00 AM Pacific Time (12:00 PM Eastern Time) on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, copy and paste or type this URL into your browser:

Note: The Travel Planners Hotel Reservation web site WILL NOT BE OPEN until 9:00 AM Pacific time on Tuesday, April 8!

Important note: We are offering this “sneak peek” at the hotels in our block and their rates and shuttle availability, but HOTEL RESERVATIONS DO NOT OPEN UNTIL April 8, 2014 at 9::00 AM Pacific Time (12:00 PM Eastern time). You cannot request your hotel through the Comic-Con reservation service at these special rates until then. This information is presented early to allow you to be better prepared when the reservation process goes live on that day.

Please keep in mind that the Travel Planners hotel request form website is best accessed from a desktop computer. Accessing this form from a tablet or smartphone device may slow your progress. We highly recommend you use a desktop computer during this hotel request process.

The following information pertains to any room booked through Travel Planners for Comic-Con 2014:

As everyone knows from past experience, Comic-Con’s discounted hotel rates means rooms sell out very quickly. We have come up with a number of solutions that we think will help the reservation process:

In an effort to equalize the amount of time each participant spends on the request form, a total of six (6) hotel choices will be required. No participant can provide more, or less, than 6 hotel choices.

• There are more hotel rooms available than ever before. Most of them are on the Comic-Con Shuttle routes.

• Once confirmed, all hotel reservations will require a deposit of two nights’ room rate and tax for each room booked. This will encourage people to release unwanted rooms in advance so people on the wait list can reserve them.

• Hotel reservation deposits are fully refundable if cancelled by April 30, 2014.

• For cancellations received from May 1 to June 1, 2014, a cancellation fee equal to one night’s room and tax will be charged. The cancellation fee will be deducted from your deposit.

• Starting on June 2, 2014, ALL DEPOSITS ARE NONREFUNDABLE.

SDCC 2014 Hotels included in the Comic-Con Block

Don’t want to wait until April 8? The Comic-Con EARLY BIRD HOTEL SALE is going on now!

If you have a Comic-Con 2014 badge and want to stay in Mission Valley or near the airport, click here to access the sale page. Please note reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE and require full pre-payment. This sale will end April 8 when hotel reservations open.


Helping fans enjoy every hour of Comic-Con 2014 and the nighttime fun, too!

Shuttles for Comic-Con 2014 will run continuously to the hotels indicated in the Hotel List PDF during these hours:






A link to the Travel Planners website will be sent via email to badge holders 72 hours ahead of the hotel reservations opening. This link will not be active until April 8 at 9:00 AM PACIFIC TIME (12:00 PM Eastern Time).

Starting at 9:00 AM Pacific Time on April 8, 2014, you will be able to access the reservation request form via the link in your email or at the top of this page or by calling 1-877-55-COMIC (1-877-552-6642) or 212-532-1660. PLEASE DO NOT CALL BEFORE APRIL 8 AT 9:00 AM PACIFIC TIME.

• You’ll be required to provide six (6) hotel choices in order of preference.

• All reservation requests will be processed in date/time stamp order. Forms received within three seconds of each other are considered to have arrived at the same time and will be processed in a random order within that three-second grouping.

• A recap e-mail listing the hotel choices you submitted to Travel Planners will be sent to you within 48 hours. Please review it to make sure it is correct and follow the directions in the e-mail if the information is incorrect.

• You will get your reservation confirmation e-mail listing the hotel or hotels where you have reservations no later than April 10, 2014. If you are happy with your hotels, please follow the directions on your confirmation and go back online to pay the required deposit within 72 hours of receiving your confirmation or your reservation will be cancelled. If you are not happy with your hotel and do not plan to confirm your reservation, please log on and cancel your reservation so another attendee can have a chance at getting a room.

• All reservations require an advance deposit equal to two nights’ room rate and tax. Deposits are required when you log back in to guarantee your reservation and must be submitted within 72 hours of receiving your confirmation or you will lose your reservation and you will not have a hotel room for Comic-Con.

• Hotel reservation deposits are fully refundable if cancelled by April 30, 2014.

• For cancellations from May 1 to June 1, 2014, a cancellation fee equal to one night’s room rate plus tax will be charged per room.  The cancellation fee will be deducted from your deposit(s).

Starting on June 2, 2014, ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Each hotel’s payment policies vary; the date that your total balance is due will be dependent upon the policies of your hotel. All hotels place a deposit on your credit card or debit card when you check in and charge the balance at check out. Please ask your hotel for their policy.

As Comic-Con gets closer, hotel rooms do free up. We urge everyone who plans on making a hotel reservation for the event to keep checking back to this page for updated room availability. If you don’t get your first choice on April 8, 2014, check back later to see if the hotel you prefer is available.

Please note that the hotel rates listed are starting rates and are subject to change.



Visit this page and click on the “Make Your Hotel Reservations” button or call 1-877-55-COMIC (1-877-552-6642) or 212-532-1660, Monday–Friday 9:00 AM–7:00 PM Eastern Time. Please do not call prior to April 8, 2014, 9:00 AM Pacific Time.


Changes must be made by visiting this page and clicking on the “Make Your Hotel Reservations” button or by phone at 1-877-55-COMIC (1-877-552-6642). Changes must be received 14 days prior to arrival; changes are on a by-request basis and are subject to availability/discretion of the hotel.


Cancellations must be made by visiting this page and clicking on the “Make Your Hotel Reservations” button or by phone at 1-877-55-COMIC (1-877-552-6642). You must receive a cancellation number to ensure your reservations have been canceled. Cancellations must be received by April 30, 2014, to get a full refund of the deposit. Cancellations received beginning May 1 through June 1, 2014, will receive a refund less a cancellation fee equal to one night’s room rate plus tax. Beginning June 2, 2014, deposits are nonrefundable.

NOTE: Hotel rates include an $8.00 per night reimbursement to Comic-Con to help defray shuttle and convention costs (this charge is subject to change). San Diego city blocks are small compared to other cities and take approximately 2–3 minutes to walk. You may find walking in the morning is a great way to explore San Diego and find new places for dinner or lunch or shopping.

PLEASE NOTE: Your reservations will be booked based on room availability. Bed type and special requests are not guaranteed. These requests will be noted with the hotel, but are subject to hotel availability at the time of check-in. Currently, hotels in San Diego charge a Transient Occupancy tax of 10.565%, a Tourism Marketing assessment of 2% and parking fees, all of which are subject to change without notice. Hotel rates are not guaranteed until booked and confirmed. Hotel rates may vary by number of occupants and other requested services. Comic-Con and Travel Planners reserve the right to correct any identified errors.

Responsibility and liability: Comic-Con International and/or its agents act only in the capacity as agents for customers in all matters pertaining to hotel accommodations and transportation whether by railroad, automobile, airplane or any other means, and as such are not responsible for any damage, expense, or inconvenience caused by train or plane arrivals or departures, or by any change of schedule or condition from any loss, injury, or damage to any person or property from any cause whatsoever. Baggage handling throughout the program is entirely at the owner’s risk. The customer agrees that show management and/or its agents shall not be held responsible in the event of any error or omission in any promotional material.


Comic-Con 2014 Returning Volunteer Registration Opens Today, February 4th at 9:00am!

Comic-Con 2014 - Volunteer Registration - SDCC - HeaderFor those who completed at least one volunteer assignment in 2013, you will have the first chance to register as a volunteer today, February 4, 2014!  An email from Comic-Con International with instructions on how to register online through your Member ID account was sent to you last week. We are very excited to see many returning faces for 2014, so please be sure to follow the instructions in your email for registration today.

Here’s the CCI email sent to those pre-approved for 2014.

At last – what you’ve been waiting for! Beginning at 9:00 am Pacific Time on February 4, 2014, online volunteer registration for Comic-Con International 2014 will be open to YOU, our PREAPPROVED VOLUNTEERS (those who completed at least one assignment in 2013).

Instructions: Beginning at 9:00 am Pacific Time on February 4th, you may log into your Member ID, click on the “VOLUNTEERS” tab and you will see the link for online volunteer registration. Click on the link and follow the instructions. It’s easy! You’ll get an email confirmation at the end of the registration process.

Only those on our preapproved list will be able to see the link when they log in to their Member ID.  You will have 10 days to sign up to volunteer for 2014.  Preapproved volunteer registration will close on February 13, 2014 at 5:30 pm Pacific Time.  At a later date, we will open online volunteer registration to those on the Interest List. Once we reach our limit, we will close the volunteer program and there will be no further opportunities to register to volunteer for 2014.

Hope to see you in 2014!

Our volunteer program is so popular that the Volunteer Interest List for Comic-Con 2014 reached capacity early this year. Over 11,000 of you have expressed an interest to volunteer this year and we wish we could take every single one of you! For those of you who are already on the Interest List, please keep in mind that space is extremely limited and not all of you will be accepted. Once returning volunteer registration has closed, check your email frequently for the announcement regarding Interest List registration. We anticipate that volunteer registration for those on the Interest List will reach capacity the same day that it opens.

If you did not volunteer in 2013 or did not sign up for the 2014 Volunteer Interest List, you will not be able to volunteer for Comic-Con this year, but rest assured there will be another opportunity to express your interest in the 2015 volunteer program sometime after Comic-Con 2014.  And please don’t forget about our sister show, WonderCon Anaheim! WonderCon Anaheim also utilizes a large volunteer pool and will have open volunteer registration sometime in March.

For more information, please click here to visit the Comic-Con Volunteers page.

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Professional Registration Opens Today at 10am!

Comic-Con 2014 - Professional Badge Registration - SDCC - HeaderToday is the day that Professionals (Creative, not Trade) will be able to register for San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Hopefully, all of the changes and improvements that EPIC Registration will make things easier for all attendees. The following is the email that was sent to those registering for their Creative Professional Badge.

Dear Professional,

Mark your calendar! Comic-Con International 2014 professional badge registration will open on January 29, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (PT). This email is a courtesy notice to inform you of the registration date and time. The actual registration link and instructions will be sent to you in a separate email, at least 48 hours prior to registration. Please keep an eye on your email inbox for this important notification.

The professional badge registration period does not have a predetermined close date and will close – without notification – when professional badges are no longer available.

We strongly encourage you to register for your Comic-Con professional badge as early as possible! Verified and approved professionals are not guaranteed a Comic-Con badge for 2014. Each professional may register one complimentary guest and/or one paid guest while supplies last. Professional and guest badges in both categories (paid or complimentary) are limited and not all guests can be accommodated. We anticipate that complimentary guest badges may reach capacity within a few hours of the opening of registration. Be sure to register guests at the same time you register for your own badge, as guest badges may not be available if you return to register them at a later date.

Professional guest badges can be used to register an adult or junior guest (age 13 to 17). The badge price is the same ($200), whether the guest is a junior or an adult, when purchased through professional registration. To receive the attendee junior badge price of $100, we recommend purchasing an attendee junior badge during Open Online Registration for the general public. Children age 12 and under are free with a professional badge and do not count toward your guest limit. Child badges must be registered onsite at Industry Registration in Lobby D.

Trade professional registration will open later this spring. Trade professionals may not register for a Comic-Con badge on January 29, 2014.

For more information on Comic-Con professional badge registration, please visit

If you are registering today, make sure you do it asap with your Guest included in your registration. The complimentary and paid guest allotment has gone down considerably from previous years. If you are not sure, just do it. Canceling is easier than trying to get one in the future as badges are limited. It makes sense that Professional Registration is done prior to Attendee Badge Registration because if some reason you are not approved you can purchase an Attendee Badge. It will be interesting to hear comments from those registering today. Keep an eye on Twitter for those positive and negative comments! This may give insight in how good or bad it will be for those registering for Attendee Badges.

Charity Buzz Auction for 2 Tickets to Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con Party in San Diego, July 2014!

Charity Buzz - Entertainment Weekly - Comic-Con International - SDCC - EW Party - San Diego - AuctionOnly a few more hours left to bid on 2 Tickets to Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con Party in San Diego, July 2014 from Charity Buzz. The auction is valued at $2000, but it will most likely go WAY over that amount as it is almost impossible to get in! Good luck to everyone who enters!

Comic-Con 2014 – Press Application Period is OPEN!

Comic-Con 2014 -  Press Badge Registration - SDCC - HeaderThe Comic-Con International 2014 PRESS APPLICATION PERIOD is now OPEN! To apply as press for Comic-Con 2014, please download the “Instructions to Apply as Press” PDF and “Press Application Checklist” below. All applications and verification materials must be submitted by December 13, 2013.

All applicants will be notified via email regarding the decision of their press application.

We are pleased to announce that the press application period for Comic-Con 2014 is now open!

If you are a member of the press and would like to apply for a Comic-Con 2014 press badge, please visit and download the “Comic-Con 2014 Instructions to Apply as Press“ PDF. Press applications and verification materials must be postmarked or emailed by December 13, 2013. Applications sent after this date will not be considered.

Once you have submitted your application and verification materials, please allow 4 – 6 weeks for processing and review. You will be notified via email if you are approved or declined.

If your current press verification status is NOT DUE (see below), you will be notified via email when the EPIC Online Press Registration system opens in spring 2014. We strongly recommend that you check your email frequently for notifications and updates from Comic-Con. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to register for your badge several days prior to the start of registration.
To receive this email notification, please be sure to sign in to your Member ID account and confirm that you did not opt-out of email correspondence from Comic-Con. This information is found in the “Change My Preferences/Unsubscribe” section once you have logged in. If you have selected to opt-out of email notifications from Comic-Con, you will not be notified when EPIC Online Press Registration opens.
Verification Status Flags
To determine your press verification status, log in to your Comic-Con Member ID account here. If you are returning or approved press, your member class will be “Press” and your press verification status will be “DUE” or “NOT DUE” (see examples to the left). If you are a first-time press applicant, no press verification status will be displayed and you must submit an application and verification materials by December 13, 2013.
For additional information, please review our Press FAQ.

Comic-Con Press Terms & Conditions

There will be NO onsite registration. Applications and verification materials must be submitted by December 13, 2013. Verified press must register online each year they plan to attend, and provide verification materials every two years.
A Comic-Con press badge is good for entry to all of the events held at Comic-Con (space permitting). The Comic-Con press badge, however, does not allow for early entry into the Exhibit Hall, programming rooms, events, or guaranteed seating. Please keep in mind that press registration is a courtesy and your Comic-Con press badge is non-transferable. You may not transfer or sell your Comic-Con press badge. Unfortunately, a press badge does not allow for plus ones, guests, or child badges.
Press will not be allowed into the Exhibit Hall prior to 3:00 pm on Wednesday, July 23, or during closed Exhibit Hall hours. There are no exceptions. Any pictures posted of, or within, the Exhibit Hall prior to 3:00 pm on Wednesday, July 23, will result in the forfeiture of your Comic-Con 2014 press badge.
Because of a variety of rules governing the San Diego Convention Center and Comic-Con International, wheeled carts or handcarts are not allowed in the convention center. Additionally, camera crews, while free to roam the center, cannot set up equipment in a fixed manner (i.e. lights, chairs, etc.).
Members of the press that want to videotape, film, and/or record any matter that will be used for commercial purposes (non-news) must first obtain written permission from Comic-Con International as well as permission of the panel participants. Please email to request the appropriate consents along with detailed information regarding your interest in recording at Comic-Con International.
PLEASE NOTE: Names, outlets, and email addresses of confirmed Comic-Con 2014 press will be made available to studios, exhibitors, programming participants, etc., prior to the convention (Comic-Con 2014 Press List).
As always, the issuance of a press badge is at the sole discretion of Comic-Con International. Please be respectful of all our attendees. A Comic-Con press badge is provided as a courtesy to cover the event. Comic-Con does not tolerate coverage that includes stunt type events, ambush interviewing or any sort of action that could make any of our attendees feel unsafe or uncomfortable. 

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Comic-Con 2014 Volunteer Registration Info!

Comic-Con 2014 - Volunteer Registration - SDCC - HeaderComic-Con is now implementing a new program called the Volunteer Interest List. You can find this when you Log in to your Member ID Account. This does not guarantee that you’ll be volunteering for 2014, but it will give you an advantage. You’ll be notified via EMAIL when Volunteer Registration opens up… So just do it now if you plan on volunteering! Good luck!

Comic-Con uses over 3000 volunteers each year! The program is very popular and fills up quickly. Volunteer registration is done entirely online before the convention. We will not accept any volunteers on-site.

Volunteers who completed at least one assignment at Comic-Con 2013 receive priority in the online volunteer registration process and will be notified via email when returning volunteer registration opens. After returning volunteer registration is complete, online volunteer registration will open to the general public. At this time, we anticipate that volunteer registration will open to the general public in early 2014.

If you did not volunteer in 2013 and are interested in volunteering for 2014, log in to your Member ID and look for the message “Click here to sign up for the Comic-Con 2014 Volunteer Interest List.” Once you have signed up, you will be notified via email when online volunteer registration opens at a later date. The registration date and time will not be published anywhere online, and you will only be notified via email. This information will not be made public on social media sites or to the general Member ID population. Being on the interest list does NOT guarantee that you will get in, but it will give you an advantage. Registration is filled on a first come, first served basis so please be sure to sign up with a permanent email account and check it frequently.

To volunteer for Comic-Con 2014, you must be age 16 or older by June 30, 2014 and you must have a valid Comic-Con Member ID. To sign up for a Member ID, click here. Member ID registration is easy and it’s free!

If you are accepted as a Comic-Con Volunteer, you may volunteer any or all of the days of the show. Your volunteer commitment is only 3-hours on any day you choose to volunteer and you will get a free badge for that day. You choose the day(s) you want to volunteer, we choose the time and the assignment.

Assignments do not require any special skills. When you are not on assignment, you are free to enjoy the show with same privileges as a paying attendee. We do not provide housing, travel, or meals to volunteers. As a Comic-Con volunteer you can expect to have fun being a part of our Comic-Con team and knowing that you helped make it happen. Oh, and the not-available-in-any-store-one-of-a-kind volunteer t-shirt!

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